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Articles from 1861

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Articles from 1861

The Marlborough Times, 19th January 1861:
Important sale of valuable oak, ash, elm, sycamore and large fir trees
We have been favoured with instructions from Mrs E. SOMERSET to sell by auction on Tuesday January 29th 1861 at the Phoenix Inn, Pewsey at 3 o'clock precisely the above valuable timber which comprises of 138 large clean oak, ash and elm trees of good lengths and metings, also 52 splendid larch fir trees likewise of great size.
Mr HAINES of Milton will show the lots on application. Catalogues are in course of preparation, and when ready may be had of Westall and Parry, Auctioneers, Marlborough and Calne.
A deposit of 15 per cent to be paid at the time of sale and six months' credit will be given for the remainder of the purchase money on approved security only.

The Marlborough Times, 16th February 1861:
Pewsey Petty Sessions
THOMAS GLASS STONE, charged with damaging a growing crop of clover and wheat, the property of Mr JOHN SOMERSET, at Milton, was fined 5s with costs.

The Marlborough Times, 30th March 1861:
Wilts Lent Assizes
WILLIAM SIMPSON alias EDWARD NORMAN CAREW, alias EDWARD SEYMOUR BURCH (who had been removed by habeus corpus from Brecon gaol where he was detained previous to undergoing a sentence of 7 years' penal servitude, for an offence of a similar nature to that with which he was now charged), was indicted for solemnizing a marriage, according to the rites of the Church of England, between GEORGE WHITE and ANN ANDREWS, at Rushall, he not being in holy orders. The prisoner pleaded not guilty. Sir F. Slade QC and Mr Bere prosecuted, and the prisoner was undefended. During the hearing of the case the court was densely crowded. The prisoner (who throughout defended himself and cross-examined each witness with great minuteness) addressed the jury in considerable length in defence. He contended that his identity had not been established, and that if the person who solemnized the marriage had represented himself as being in holy orders, he might have meant the orders of the Church of Rome. His Lordship having summed up the points of evidence with great clearness, the jury returned a verdict of guilty, and he was sentenced to 10 years' penal servitude.

The Marlborough Times, 20th April 1861:
Mr NEATE will sell by auction on Wednesday next, April the 24th, at 1 o'clock, the household furniture and effects of Mr JOHN PLANK (removing to a distance), comprising donkey cart and harness, 4 bedsteads, chests of drawers, circular and other tables, chairs, crockery, boiler and furnace, washing tubs, stools, buckets, pans, jars, garden tools, pots and sundry useful effects. May be viewed the morning of sale.

[same issue]
Deaths: on 1st April at Fyfield Farm, Mr GUY BURFITT, aged 29 years.

The Marlborough Times, 4th May 1861:
Everley Petty Sessions
WILLIAM HILLS was charged with leaving the service of Mr JOHN SOMERSET of Milton. The charge was proved, and defendant was ordered to forfeit a week's wages and return to work forthwith.

The Marlborough Times, 14th September 1861:
Valuable arable land, farm house, yard, gardens, and 3 unfinished brick-built cottages for sale.
Westall and Parry will sell by auction at the Phoenix Inn, Pewsey, on Friday September 27th 1861 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, by order of the mortgagees under a power of sale, the above property (n-w-s notices having been issued stating that the sale will not take place).

Lot 1: All that capital brick-built dwelling house situate in the middle of the village of Milton, approached by a flight of stone steps, containing dining room, parlour, bedrooms, two kitchens, and all necessary out-offices, with yard and garden thereto belonging, containing 0a 1r 24p more or less, together with an excellent paddock adjoining, containing 1a 0r 18p more or less, the whole in the occupation of Mr HENRY DARK.

Lot 2: All that piece of productive arable land known as the 6 acres more or less, now staked out and bounded on the east, north and south by an occupation road and on the west by land belonging to Mr JAMES and others.

Lot 3: unfinished brick-built and slate cottages adjoining the Lot .

Lot 4: 57 poles of land as staked out, and bounded on the north by cottages and gardens belonging to GEORGE CROOK, on the south by a cottage and garden belonging to WILLIAM EDWARDS, on the east by Lot 2 and on the west by an occupation road.

Immediate possession may be held of the whole. There is a right of way through the farm yard for horses, carts, carriages &c to and from Milton Street to the Lots 2,3, & 4.

Westall and Parry have much pleasure in calling the attention of the public to this unreserved sale, and consider persons desirous of being possessed of building land in the rising village of Milton will find this a rare opportunity for investment. Full particulars may be had on application to Mr HOLLOWAY, solicitor, Pewsey, who will on application appoint a person to shew the Lots, or to the Auctioneers, Marlborough and Calne.
Marlborough, September 12th 1861

[same issue]
If an estate, situate at Milton, near Pewsey, and belonging to Mr STEPHEN DAY of Rushall, is advertised by Mr HOLLOWAY to be sold by auction or by private contract, this notice is issued by order of the said Mr STEPHEN DAY for the purpose of informing the public that such sale WILL NOT TAKE PLACE September 11th 1861

[same issue]
Pewsey Petty Sessions
Yesterday (Friday) Mr WILLIAM EDWARDS of Milton, tailor, was brought before the bench upon a warrant to answer the information of Mr HOLLOWAY of Pewsey, solicitor, for using threatening and abusive language. The defendant apologised to Mr HOLLOWAY and the Bench and said he was sorry for his conduct, and that it should not occur again. After a suitable admonition from the chairman he was ordered to enter into his own recognizances in the sum of 50 to keep the peace towards the prosecutor and all Her Majesty's subjects for 12 calendar months and to pay the costs.

The Marlborough Times, 12th October 1861:
Marriage: on Thursday the 3rd inst. at Milton, by the Rev. JOHN H. GALE, JOHN BERTRAM FAIRMANN Esq. MD of Hanley, Staffordshire, to ANNIE, eldest daughter of GEORGE BARNES Esq., of the former place.

The Marlborough Times, 26th October 1861:
To the Editor of the Marlborough Times
Sir - No doubt your report of the County Court proceedings at Marlborough on Tuesday will include the case of 'ROBBINS v. EDWARDS'. Allow me, therefore, in a few words to explain the nature of it. Some few years since, I agreed with one JAMES CANNING of Little Hinton, a builder, to sell him a plot of land for 25 for which he was to give me a bill, payable at 4 months. We met at Honeystreet Wharf. Canning being in need of money, it was agreed that 75 should be drawn by myself on CANNING, Mr FREDERICK ROBBINS undertaking to discount it. On that day 50 was handed to Mr CANNING by Mr ROBBINS. In the mean time CANNING has become insolvent and Mr ROBBINS therefore sued me for the 50 at your court on Tuesday last.
I am, Sir, yours obediently, WILLIAM EDWARDS, Milton, near Pewsey, October 24th

[same issue]
Marlborough County Court

Mr HOLLOWAY for plaintiff. This was an action upon an IOU for 3 16s given by defendant to plaintiff in the month of May 1858 for money lent. Defendant admitted to debt. Order for payment by 2 equal instalments, first in a month, balance a month later.

Mr HOLLOWAY for plaintiff, Mr ROWLAND for defendant. This was an action upon a bill of exchange for 52 11s drawn by the defendant on and accepted by JAMES CANNON [CANNING] of Little Hinton on and endorsed by defendant and plaintiff. The defendant abandoned the excess over 50, in order to bring the claim within the jurisdiction of the county court. Mr ROWLAND applied for an adjournment, to which Mr HOLLOWAY objected as the defendant had no defence upon the merits. His Honour refused an adjournment, and as the plaintiff was about to be sworn, Mr ROWLAND said the defendant had no defence and to save the costs he would admit the debt. Judgement accordingly.

R.H. HOLLOWAY, solicitor, Pewsey, v. AMBROSE COOK, Upavon:
This was an action for 6 6s 9d for work done as an attorney and for money lent. Mr ROWLAND for plaintiff. Plaintiff stated that the defendant had purchased a piece of land in Milton from Mr STEPHEN DAY for 225. Defendant had paid him 99 10s in part payment. A mortgage was prepared for 125; there was therefore 10s due on the deposit money and the balance was the cost of the mortgage. It was agreed that the land should be conveyed free of charge but the defendant was to pay for the mortgage. Mr SMITH, clerk to Mr HOLLOWAY, proved posting a signed bill. Defendant denied owing the money and called WILLIAM EDWARDS of Milton, tailor, as a witness, who said that he had agreed with plaintiff to prepare the conveyance and mortgage for 6 and that it ought to have charged to him and not to defendant, that he saw the deposit paid and there was nothing due to plaintiff. His Honour said: 'Entirely disbelieving what the witness EDWARDS has chosen to say in this case, I give judgement for the plaintiff. Debt and costs to be paid in a month and attorney allowed."

Claim 2 15s, but 20s had been paid since the issue of the summons, balance on Monday fortnight.

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