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Articles from 1870

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Articles from 1870

The Marlborough Times, 7th May 1870:
Narrow escape
On Wednesday as Mr SKINNER, carrier, Milton, was taking a double-barrelled gun from between two bags of flour where he had placed it for safety, the trigger hitched and the gun exploded. The charge could not have gone much nearer Mr SKINNER'S head without injuring him; as it was, it dealt damage to the loft above, and Mr SKINNER escaped with an unpleasant singing in his ears for the rest of the day.

The Marlborough Times, 9th July 1870:
Mr BURROUGHS, of Milton, who was thrown off his horse some six weeks since, expired on Saturday last, from the effects of the fall. Since the accident, the unfortunate man has been literally nothing but a living head, being perfectly sensible, but paralysed below the neck.

The Marlborough Times, 6th August 1870:
Growing crops of barley, potatoes and carrots, with agricultural implements, household furniture and effects
Mr NEATE is instructed by the trustees under Deed of Assignment for the benefit of creditors, to sell the above property upon the premises of Mr GEORGE DAVIS, in the 'Severalls', Milton, at 2 o'clock on Friday next, 12th August 1870, comprising more particularly 5 acres of barley, 1 acres of carrots, acre of potatoes, iron plough, drag, spring cart, harness, wheelbarrow, dairy utensils, garden tools etc., together with the whole of the household furniture etc. To be viewed the morning of sale.

The Marlborough Times, 27th August 1870:
Miraculous escape: fire by lightning
During the thunderstorm of Thursday last, one of the most miraculous escapes we have ever had to record occurred on Everley Downs, near Pewsey. Mr FOOKES, of the latter place, was driving across the Downs when a terrific flash came between him and his horse, and tore the iron from the splash-board, the leather falling on the horse's back. Mr FOOKES believes he felt a momentary shock, but neither himself nor his horse was injured. At the same time, and probably by the same flash, a small straw rick in a meadow near, belonging to Mr GOODE, was set on fire and destroyed. Another remarkable instance of the effects of lightning occured simultaneously at Milton. A tall fir was struck, and the bark stripped off in spiral form from the top to the bottom, the fluid leaving a track, as an eye-witness observed, like a serpent.

The Marlborough Times, 10th September 1870:
Deaths: On Sunday 4th Sep., in her 27th year, SARAH HANNAH, the dearly beloved wife of J.G. HILLIER, Esq., of Milton, Pewsey, Wilts, and Downing College, Cambridge.

The Marlborough Times, 17th September 1870:
Pewsey Petty Sessions
WILLIAM ROBBINS, of Milton, labourer, was brought up in custody of the police charged with feloniously stealing 3 fowl's eggs, value 2d, at Milton, on the previous evening, the property of his master Mr JAMES HEAD. Committed for 21 days' imprisonment, with hard labour.

The Marlborough Times, 5th November 1870:
Everley Petty Sessions
Mr JOHN ALEXANDER, of Milton Hill Farm, Milton, was summoned by the overseers of that parish, for non-payment of the Poor Rate. Order made for distress.

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