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Articles from 1877 part 1

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Articles from 1877 (part 1)

The Marlborough Times, 6th January 1877:
On Friday last, December 29th, at the invitation of the vicar (Rev. J.H. GALE), the singers and the ringers met at the schoolroom, where they were regaled with good old English fare, consisting of roast beef and plum pudding. After supper the evening was enlivened with glees by the choir, and solos by each of the singers and the ringers. The Rev. gentleman thanked them for all their services, and the meeting broke up amid cheers for the founder of the feast.

[Same issue:]
J. KEEVIL of Clinch Farm advertises for a carter - offers a good cottage and liberal wages.

The Marlborough Times, 10th March 1877 [and for many weeks afterwards]
Free emigration to South Australia
The government of South Australia grant free passages to the following artizans, viz: carpenters, bricklayers, masons, plasterers, agricultural and railway labourers, copper, tin and lead miners, not exceeding 40 years of age, single or married, with not more than 3 children, also to single female domestic servants. Coal miners are ineligible.
All persons who are considered eligible by the emigration agent paying their own full passage, receive a Land Order Warrant of the value of 20 for every adult above 12, and 10 for children between 1 and 12 years of age. No money, or fee of any kind, is to be paid by intending emigrants to the local agents for their remuneration.
Full particulars and information, with forms of application, to be obtained at the office of the Government of South Australia, 8 Victoria Chambers, Westminster, London SW.

The Marlborough Times, 17th March 1877:
Accident on the Pewsey road
On Monday night last Dr CARTER was driving towards home [Pewsey] from Milton in his gig, between 8 and 9 o'clock in the evening, and passed Mr SHEPPARD'S bread cart going in the same direction. The 'bus from the Phoenix Hotel, which was going towards Milton, ran into Dr CARTER and turned him and his groom out, breaking the shafts and smashing the splash board etc. Mr SHEPPARD'S cart was served in the same way, the collision turned the driver and everything out, and broke the axle. Happily and providentially, no-one was hurt. It is not easy to fix the blame on either, as each party assert themselves in the right ......

[same issue]
At a meeting of the guardians of the Pewsey Union on Monday, Mr CARTER Jnr of Pewsey was elected Medical Officer for the Milton, Easton and Wootton Rivers district, in the place of Mr CLARKE, who had filled the office since the retirement of Mr BARRETT. Mr CARTER already ranks high in his profession, and brings testimonials which tell of much more real practice than could usually be looked for in one so young.

The Marlborough Times, 31st March 1877:
Fatal accident
On Saturday last an old woman of 3 score, named ELIZA PERRETT, of Milton, visited Marlborough market as usual with a load of vegetables in her donkey cart, and returned in the evening between 5 and 6 pm. She was seen driving along the top of the steep hill which leads from Clench Common to New Mill about 6 o'clock , and at about 7 o'clock she was found lying dead at the bottom of the hill. The cart was overturned, and the deceased was lying on her face, having evidently been thrown out. It was at first thought that her neck was broken, but medical inspection proved to the contrary and it is believed that she was suffocated. An inquest was held on the body on Tuesday last, when a verdict of "Accidentally suffocated while falling from a cart" was returned. It was proposed to add to the verdict "while in a state of intoxication", but the evidence to prove this was insufficient.

[same issue]
Ferocious attack by dogs
A savage attack was made on Mr D. HAINES of this village on Thursday morning last while viewing his fold, by 2 shepherd dogs. It appears that the dogs belong to Mr HAINES' shepherd, and have several times before flown out at him in a ferocious manner, in consequence of which he told the shepherd he must either get rid of them or keep them tied up when he was coming to look at the sheep. Last Thursday morning, however, notwithstanding Mr HAINES told his shepherd he was coming to the fold, the 2 dogs were allowed to be at large, and sprang out at him, one of them attacking him in front and the other behind, and before they could be taken off they inflicted such severe injuries on Mr HAINES' hip and hand that a doctor's assistance had to be immediately sought.

The Marlborough Times, 21st April 1877:
JOHN SOMERSET elected to represent Milton on the Pewsey Board of Guardians.

The Marlborough Times, 28th April 1877:
Sale of freehold cottages and gardens
Mr ALEXANDER DAVIS is favoured with instructions from the trustees of the late GEORGE WINTER Esq. to sell by auction in 1 Lot, 2 substantial brick-built cottages with large gardens, situate at Little Salisbury, in the parish of Milton, in the occupances of MARY WILLIS and ISAAC FLIPPANCE, at an annual rental of 6 6s.

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