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Articles from 1878 part 1

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Articles from 1878 (part 1)

The Marlborough Times, 3rd February 1878:
Great Bedwin
On Thursday last, Milton independent set of ringers visited Bedwin to try the noted set of bells there. Considering the weight being so much heavier than those of Milton to which they are accustomed, the ringing was very good. The names of the ringers are: No 1, WILLIAM LOVELOCK, foreman; 2, JAMES KINGSTONE, 3, WILLIAM STAGG, 4, ALFRED REYNOLDS, 5, WILLIAM KINGSTONE, 6, JAMES HEAD.

The Marlborough Times, 16th February 1878:
Pewsey Petty Sessions
Before the Rev. J.H. GALE and C. RAIKES Esq, C.S.I.
JOSEPH KIMBER, of Milton Hill, was summoned for assaulting MARY ANN HAWKINS, the wife of HENRY HAWKINS, of Milton Hill, on Thursday last. It appeared from the evidence of complainant that she was in her garden between five and six o'clock, when defendant came out and told her to get off his place or he would make her; he suited the action to the word and struck her on the cheek and also on her eye. Defendant admitted pushing Mrs HAWKINS off from the elder hedge which he claimed as his property; she then took up a shovel and aimed at his head, and in taking it away from her, the handle must have struck her in the eye. Defendant upon being ordered to pay 15s including costs, and to be bound over in the sum of 10 to keep the peace towards her for six months, asked whether she had any reason to 'twit' him for paying 30s before. The Bench informed KIMBER that if he had been insulted by Mrs HAWKINS he could have taken out a summons against her, but he had no right to take the law in his own hands, and in that he had done so he had rendered himself liable to punishment.

The Marlborough Times, 13th April 1878:
In the matter of proceedings for liquidation by arrangement instituted by JOHN JAMES JARVIS, of Totteridge Farm, in the parish of Milton Lilbourne, Wilts, Farmer and Miller.
Notice is hereby given that Mr WILLIAM HILLIER and Mr JAMES SAINSBURY, both of Devizes, Wilts, have been appointed the trustees of this liquidation. All persons indebted to the estate are requested to pay the amount of their debts to the said WILLIAM HILLIER forthwith, and all persons having any claims or demands on the said estate are requested to send the particulars thereof to the said WILLIAM HILLIER, in order that they may participate in the dividend about to be declared.
Dated this 9th April 1878
S.B. DIXON, Solicitor to the said Trustees

The Marlborough Times, 20th April 1878:
JOHN SOMERSET was elected to represent Milton on the Pewsey Union Board of Guardians

The Marlborough Times, 4th May 1878:
Pewsey Union
The inmates were treated with buns on Good Friday by Mrs FERRIS, of Milton.

The Marlborough Times, 11th May 1878:
Marriage: May 9th at Milton, Pewsey, Wilts, by the Rev J.H. GALE, WALTER, son of the late Major JOHN WARD, Madras Army, to ANNIE, fourth daughter of JOHN KENNETT, Esq., Berwick House, Lympne, Kent.

The Marlborough Times, 22nd June 1878:
This somewhat quiet village was aroused from its usual quietness this week by the celebration of the first anniversary of its new club, styled the "Milton Benefit Society". The celebration took place on Tuesday, when about fifty members walked in procession to church, headed by the Wootton Rivers Band, where an excellent sermon was preached to them by their esteemed vicar, the Rev J.H. GALE. The club, with their friends, afterwards dined at the Three Horse Shoes, where a plentiful supply of all good things was liberally served by the host, Mr GOODMAN. After the usual formalities were gone through, the band enlivened the place with a good selection of lively music, and continued to play at intervals, until the rain and nightfall brought the proceedings to a close. Mention ought to be made of the flags, banners, triumphal arches, etc., displayed by the inhabitants, which greatly enhanced the proceedings, and combined to make the first meeting of the Milton Benefit Society a complete success.

The Marlborough Times, 13th July 1878:
Milton and Fyfield Band of Hope
The first tea and public meeting was held at Milton, on Wednesday 3rd July, when Mr and Mrs KIMBER, and their four daughters, provided a most bountiful supply of tea and cake for the children, who numbered about 150. Several speeches were made at the meeting after tea in the meadow, kindly lent by Mr SKINNER, who also arranged the tea to the satisfaction of all present. About 250 people were present at the meeting, and formed an audience. Temperance was advocated in all its phases. The speakers were Messrs HOLD, MOULD, MESSER, Rev LANE of Marlborough, and STEVENS. The Rev Mr BURTON took the chair, and Mr STEVENS explained the rules of the society as set forth in a little book called "Why?". Mrs PENRUDDOCKE kindly provided tea for all visitors; the tables were very nicely set out with flowers. Mrs SLEGG, of Milton, added to the enjoyment of the children with sweets and biscuits. The meeting closed about nine o'clock, with a vote of thanks to those who assisted in ensuring the great measure of success which attended it.

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