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Articles from 1878 part 2

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Articles from 1878 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, 21st September 1878:
Head carter and shepherd wanted, at Milton Hill; liberal wages given - apply to Mr J. DEW, Milton, near Pewsey.

The Marlborough Times, 5th October 1878:
A tea was given to the members and congregation attending the Wesleyan Chapel in the above village on Wednesday evening, the 25th ult., when a goodly number sat down to tea. But for the state of the weather a much larger gathering would have taken place to witness the interesting ceremony of presenting a handsome testimonial to Mrs C. HAYWARD, who is leaving the above village, where she has earned the good wishes and esteem of all, and whose loss will be very much felt.

After tea had been partaken of, a meeting was held, at which were present the Rev. R. HOPEWELL, Mr DEW, Mr T. CHANDLER of Marlborough, Mr A. CHANDLER, Mr and Mrs WESTON, Mrs RICHARDSON, the Misses DEW, Miss FISHER and others. The chair was taken by Mr DEW, who in a very feeling manner related his coming into the village as an entire stranger amongst strangers, when shortly after he had to bear a great domestic affliction in the illness of two dear children, and during that time Mrs HAYWARD came to his house not only to sympathize with them, but night after night attending to the wants of the suffering ones. This was a friend in need and proved a friend indeed, and he was very sorry to lose such a friend from their midst. He (the speaker) urged the members to rally round each other and to do their best for the cause of Christ in the village and that the loss they were about to sustain may be mitigated as far as possible, and thought the person she was about to marry may as well have gone to Bath or Bristol amongst whose thousands the loss may not be felt; nevertheless - said Mr DEW - I wish her every happiness and prosperity this world can bestow, and that God's blessing may attend her and her intended husband and their families, is my earnest and heartfelt prayer.

The presentation now took place, and consisted of a very costly Bible with gilt edges bound in morocco, with this inscription: "This Bible was purchased by the members and congregation attending the Wesleyan Chapel, Milton, and presented at a tea meeting held in the above place of worship, to Mrs C. HAYWARD, as a small token of respect and esteem entertained towards her on leaving the above village, and with sincerest desires for her future happiness in this life and eternal felicity in the world to come".

Mr T. CHANDLER, in responding for Mrs HAYWARD, said he was requested to express for her how much she felt the kindness and esteem of the friends around her in making her that handsome present of the best of books, and that she would ever value it as doubly precious to her as the spontaneous gift of her friends at Milton, and that in her future home she would ever recall to mind the proceedings of this interesting meeting, and in wishing them goodbye would earnestly pray that God's blessing may abundantly rest upon them. Several more interesting speeches were given by the Rev. R. HOPEWELL, Mr WESTON, and Mr A. CHANDLER, all expressions of the kindest feelings towards Mrs HAYWARD, and and wishes for her happiness and prosperity in the future. This brought one of the most interesting meetings held at Milton to a close, after a hymn had been sung and prayer offered by Mr DEW.

The Marlborough Times, 12th October 1878:
Marriage: Oct 1st, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Marlborough, by the Rev E.W. HOPEWELL, Mr THOS. CHANDLER, Saddler &c., of Marlborough, to Mrs C. HAYWARD, of Milton, near Pewsey, Wilts.

[same issue]
Pewsey Petty Sessions
Before the Revs. J.H. GALE and W.H. AWDRY
A little girl named ELLEN HART, 10 years old, was charged with maliciously setting fire to a dwelling house in the occupation of a man named WM STAGG, at Milkhouse Water, Milton, on the 24th ult. It appeared that on the 24th September, between twelve and one in the day-time, the thatch of the complainant's cottage was found to be on fire, but it being fortunately discovered before the flames had made any progress, it was put out before much damage had been done. A piece of newspaper had been put into the thatch about four feet from the ground, which had evidently been the cause of the fire, and was afterwards found to correspond with a portion of a paper which was found in the waste paper bag in an adjoining cottage to which the defendant during the morning had access.
It was proved that the child was close by at the time the fire broke out and from her statement and other facts which were elicited there was little doubt but that she set fire to the thatch with the paper. The bench, in consideration of her tender age, thought that justice would be sufficiently met by severely reprimanding her, and she was then discharged with a caution.

The Marlborough Times, 7th December 1878:
The Bankruptcy Act 1869. In the County Court of Wiltshire, holden at Swindon. In the matter of proceedings for liquidation by arrangement instituted by JOHN JAMES JARVIS, of New Mill, in the parish of Milton Lilbourne, Wilts, farmer and miller.
The creditors of the above-named JOHN JAMES JARVIS, who have not already proved their debts, are required on or before the 10th day of December instant, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims to the undersigned WILLIAM HILLIER of Devizes, Wilts, Auctioneer, one of the trustees under the liquidation; or in default thereof they will be excluded from the benefits of the final dividend proposed to be declared.
Dated this 2nd day of December 1878. JAMES SAINSBURY, WILLIAM HILLIER. Trustees.

The Marlborough Times, 14th December 1878:
In liquidation, re Mr Wm TASKER, Milton, Pewsey
Mr NEATE is instructed by the trustees to sell by auction, on the premises, at Milton, near Pewsey, on Thursday next, 19th December 1878, at one o'clock, the whole of the furniture, together with a few lots of the stock-in-trade of Mr WM. TASKER, blacksmith. On view the morning of the sale.
A.W. Neate, Auctioneer &c., Hungerford.

[same issue]
To be let, at Christmas, a pleasant dwelling-house at Milton, near Pewsey, with coach-house, stable, yard, garden, orchard and small paddock. Rent 25. Apply to Mr HILLIER, land agent, Devizes.

The Marlborough Times, 28th December 1878:
Deaths: December 23rd, at the Manor House, Milton Lilbourne, WILLIAM FERRIS, in his 72nd year. Deeply lamented.

[same issue]
It is with great regret that we have to announce to our readers both far and near the death of one who has for so long been associated with all classes, not only in Wiltshire, but in the adjoining counties; as few there are who have not either in matters of business or in way of friendship been in some way associated with the late Mr WILLIAM FERRIS.

It is unnecessary to expiate on a character so generally known, and so highly appreciated, but the loss of his well-known figure at all public gatherings in the county, and more especially in North Wilts, as the great North Wilts valuer, will long be felt. But if his services to the public have been great there is the satisfaction to those who survive him to reflect that the public had always the greatest confidence in him, nor were his decisions often called in question, nor did his energies fail, even after his bodily health began to give way, and though for more than the last twelve months there were the unmistakeable signs of failing health, yet his mental faculties were clear to the last.

His death took place at Milton, where he had resided during the last ten years, on Monday last, 23rd December, after a long and trying illness, which he bore with wonderful Christian fortitude. And though it may be long before we look upon his like again, it may be a satisfaction to know that his loss to the public will be supplied in the person of one who has been reared under his own eye and who shows every indication of endeavouring to emulate him in uprightness of character both in public and private life.

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