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Articles from 1880

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Articles from 1880

The Marlborough Times, 23rd October 1880:
Milton, Pewsey
Household furniture, agricultural implements, horse and gig, spring waggon, brewing utensils, timber and timber bob, poultry etc.
Mr Neate is instructed by Mr D. HAINES, to sell by auction, on the premises, on Wednesday next, the 27th October 1880 at 12 o'clock, the undermentioned effects, comprising:
A suite of walnut drawing room furniture in damask; Brussells and other carpets & rugs; loo and other tables; cheffoniers; easy and other chairs; bedsteads, feather beds, chests of drawers, blankets and bed linen; washstands and sets of ware; fire irons, kitchen and culinary utensils; 2 capital brewing coppers and other brewing utensils; waggon, spring ditto and trap, timber bob, horse and gig, harness; plough, thrashing machine, boat, fowls and ducks, pulley blocks and ropes, buckets.
About 1000 feet well-seasoned elm boarding oak plank, fencing rails, 7 sacks of potatoes, large water barrel and various tubs, etc.
To be viewed the morning of sale.

The Marlborough Times, 6th November 1880:
The Harvest Thanksgiving was held in this parish on Sunday last, when two sermons were preached by the Rev J.H. GALE which were both appropriate and effective, if we may judge from the collection which amounted to 4 9s in the morning and 18s 6d in the afternoon and was devoted to the maintenance of Savernake Cottage Hospital. The sun shone brightly and as one went to the church they could hardly fail to remark how sweetly the bells sounded in the autumn air. Hymns well suited to the occasion were sung, in which the whole congregation heartily joined, and we think that a village possessing such a church and such a choir and a vicar well beloved by small and great may well be congratulated. The text in the morning was 107th Psalm, 8th verse, and in the afternoon, Matthew 14th Chapter, 20th verse.

The Marlborough Times, 4th December 1880:
Pewsey and Milton
To be let, from Christmas next:
A pleasantly-situated dwelling-house called 'Southcoate Cottage'. The rooms are convenient and lofty. There is a good yard, stable, garden, orchard, and small meadow. Rent 30.
Also from Christmas next : a dwelling-house with garden, orchard and meadow, stables etc. etc. situate at Milton near Pewsey. Rent 20. Apply in both cases to W. Hillier, Land Agent, Devizes.

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