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Articles from 1881 part 2

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Articles from 1881 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, 4th June 1881:
The Labourers' Drum and Fife Band have been presented by a friend at New Mill with a very nice blackboard and stand, with lines ready drawn for music.

The Marlborough Times, 25th June 1881:
Milton Lilbourne Feast
This pretty village kept its annual feast at Trinity commencing on Sunday. The weather was favourable, and as one wended their way to the nice little church one's heart was cheered by the sound of the bells ringing out their joyous peal on the quiet Sabbath morning; then as one listened to the voice of our beloved Vicar uttering words of comfort suitable to the day, and the excellent choir conducted by Miss GALE, one could well exclaim "all thy works praise thee O God and thy saints bless thee". On Monday the Easton Club visited the village and enlivened it with their brass band.

On Tuesday the whole village was astir betimes to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our own club, and willing hands were busy in the morning decorating the village for the occasion. From the top to the bottom, here and there, were flags, evergreens and flowers, with a triumphal arch at the entrance to the village, with the words 'Love one another' on the one side and 'Unity is strength' on the other. The words were formed of red daisies and moss, on a white ground, with ivy and flowers for a border.

The club met at 9 o'clock and walked to the church at 11; the church was also prettily decorated by the Misses GALE. The Reverends J.H. GALE and W.H. AWDRY conducted the service. The church was full. After the service the club visited the principal houses of the village, headed by the Beechingstoke Brass Band; they then returned to the Bruce's Arms to dine, where an excellent dinner was provided by the host PEARCE, presided over by the Rev J.H. GALE; Messrs G. FERRIS, JEEVES, MARCH, KINGSTONE, LANE & REYNOLDS being also present. After doing ample justice to the good things provided, they visited New Mill and Broomsgrove, Mr KINGSTONE refreshing them with his home-brewed beer; dancing here commenced and was very much enjoyed.

They then returned to the Manor, where a bountiful tea was provided by the kindness of Mrs FERRIS on her lawn; the men with their wives numbering 110, besides children, were waited on by Mrs & Miss FERRIS, Miss REDMAN and her niece from London, Misses GALE (6), Mrs FORD & Mrs REYNOLDS, Mr REDMAN & Mr J. KINGSTONE Jnr. The conduct of the men and their wives was everything that could be wished, and they fully appreciated Mrs FERRIS'S great kindness. After the band had played a few lively tunes, and a vote of thanks had been passed to Mrs FERRIS, and to all who assisted, the gates were thrown open to the public to partake of the remains. The club returned to the Bruce's Arms for supper, and thus ended a very happy day.

On Wednesday Her Majesty's Inspector visited the school, and gave a very good report of the school and the children, great praise being due to Mr LANE, the master.

And on Thursday, to crown the rejoicings, two weddings took place, mother and daughter: Miss E. KIMBER and Mr ETWELL were married at Pewsey, and Mrs KIMBER and Mr D. HAINES at Milton. The decorations were left for the happy event; the Rev J.H. GALE performed the ceremony in the presence of a large congregation. The bride was met at the church and presented with a bouquet of flowers, and people old and young strewed their path with flowers, while others showered rice on their heads. Both brides were given away by Mr C. KIMBER, son and brother, Miss KIMBER acting as bridesmaid. both parties returned to Havering House to breakfast, where a select party were invited; they left Pewsey station by the mid-day train to spend their honeymoon; and so concluded our week's festivities.

[same issue]
Marriages: On 16th June, at Milton church, by the Rev J.H. GALE, DANIEL HAINES, widower, to MARTHA KIMBER, widow of the late CHARLES KIMBER Esq., of Havering House, Milton.
On 16th June, at Pewsey church, by the Hon. & Rev B.P. BOUVERIE, WILLIAM ETTWELL, of Buckleaze, Pewsey, to EMILY KIMBER, 2nd daughter of the late CHARLES KIMBER Esq., of Havering House, Milton.

The Marlborough Times, 20th August 1881:
Child drowned in a well
An inquest was held on Tuesday by Mr SYLVESTER at Little Ann, near Pewsey, on the body of a child about two years old, named EDWARD CHARLES FLIPPENCE, who was found dead in a well on Tuesday last. The deceased was the illegitimate son of a single woman named SARAH FLIPPENCE, who occupies a house with her sister ELIZABETH FLIPPENCE .... [details of case then follow] ... the verdict was 'Found drowned'.

The Marlborough Times, 3rd September 1881:
Totteridge Farm
NOTICE: "All persons are requested to refrain from shooting on land in my occupation". G. WELLS

The Marlborough Times, 10th September 1881:
[Cricket match at Milton between Milton Rangers CC and Tedworth CC. The Milton team members were: G. SKINNER, E. GILBERT, G. YOUNG, J. HAYWARD, H. FORD, J. KINGSTON, W. PUCKRIDGE, J. FRENCH, R. STANLEY, W. KINGSTON and A. GODDING. Tedworth won by 4 wickets.]

The Marlborough Times, 19th November 1881:
Pewsey Petty Sessions
Fifield, Milton. Three married women named SARAH AMOR, SARAH CANN & ROSE FLIPPENCE were summoned for stealing wood blown from a tree on the Fifield Estate. PC PEARCE proved the case and the defendants were ordered to pay 2s 6d each costs.

The Marlborough Times, 24th December 1881:
Births: on 14th December, at Little Ann, Milton, the wife of Mr BENJAMIN STILES of a son.

[same issue]
The first of a series of entertainments consisting of vocal and instrumental music, readings, etc. was given in the school room on Friday evening last. The room was filled with an appreciative audience and everything went off well. The readings and recitations were all very good, that by the Rev. J.H. GALE causing much amusement.
The songs were well rendered; the cornet accompaniment to the duet was an acquisition. Where all performed their parts so well it would be superfluous on our part to single out any particular one. Now that these entertainments have made so good a start we hope they will be continued at intervals during the winter months. The receipts for the first night were very satisfactory. It is proposed to have the next meeting the first Friday of the New Year.

Part 1:
Solo piano: 'Turkish Patrol' (Miss GALE)
Song: 'Old Timbertoes' (Mr GUILBERT)
Reading: Mr LANE
Song: 'Jeanette & Jeannot' (Miss A. GALE)
Recitation: Mr A. REYNOLDS
Duet vocal: 'Morning' (Misses A. & F. GALE)

Part 2:
Duet & cornet: 'England' (Mr J. KINGSTONE & the Misses GALE)
Song: 'If doughty deeds' (Mr GODDING)
Reading: Mr REYNOLDS
Song: 'Tar's Farewell' (Mr STANLEY GALE)
Reading: Rev. J.H. GALE
Song: 'Darby & Joan' (Miss GALE)
God Save the Queen

[same issue]
The Milton Lilbourne School Board have just audited their accounts for the past year. The expenses have been a rate of 3d in the for building loan and a rate of 2d in the for the maintenance of the school, making a rate of 5d in the for the whole of the school expenses. A correspondent adds - Pewsey, without any building loan and worked under a committee, have a voluntary rate of 5d in the . Wootton Rivers, a small parish with the school worked under the committee and no building loan, has a voluntary rate of 8d in the .

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