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Articles from 1882 part 2

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Articles from 1882 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, 9th August 1882:
The labourers held their annual temperance meeting on Thursday last, in a meadow kindly lent by Mrs SKINNER, and the weather being fine the tea was arranged on tables under the shade of the trees. At 7 o'clock speeches began. Those who kindly spoke were Messrs STRATTON, Messrs SIMMONDS, W.C. YOUNG, CROSBY, HOLD, DELICATE and SOPER....[speeches in detail]

The Marlborough Times, 23rd September 1882:
Pewsey Feast - celebrations included a cricket match between Milton Lilbourne and Stowell Park CC. The Milton team were, in batting order: J. KINGSTON, G. SKINNER, W. TAYLOR, G. YOUNG, J. HAYWARD, H. KING, H.J. FORD, E. EVERETT, A. GODDING, J. FRENCH & W. KINGSTON. The Man of the Match award was given to Mr J. KINGSTON - a cricket ball.

The Marlborough Times, 30th September 1882:
A man wanted, to attend to cattle and milk. One with boys preferred. Cottage and garden found. Apply to G. WELLS, Totteridge, Pewsey.

The Marlborough Times, 14th October 1882:
Wanted - good carter; also day-man; whose wives can work on the farm. Good cottages and garden. Apply to Mr J. DEW, Milton, Pewsey.

The Marlborough Times, 21st October 1882:
Milton Lilbourne Cricket Tea
On Wednesday October 11th, a tea and cricket match came off here as a sort of finish to the cricketing season for the present year. The weather, as usual, was against much outdoor play, but it would have surprised a stranger to see the plucky manner in which the Miltonians mustered on the bat-cricket field, and despite the rain a capital game of cricket was indulged in. In the meantime, tea and cake, bread and butter were being dispensed at 6d a head in the barn (kindly lent for the occasion by Mr LEWIS) to all who wished to partake. At the close of the match, the cricketers had tea, which was very acceptable as some being thoroughly soaked outside were anxious to be evenly balanced by being soaked inside as well, but only with "the cup that cheers but not enebriates". After the tea, three cheers were given for the ladies, especially to Miss CONWAY and the Misses GALE, for providing tea, decorating the barn, etc. Cheers were also given for the captain (J. KINGSTONE), and also for the 'big' and 'little' members of the club. The party then broke up having enjoyed themselves much at this second finishing up of the Milton Rangers cricketing season.

The Marlborough Times, 4th November 1882:
Births: October 27th at Milton, Pewsey, the wife of H.J. FORD of a son.

The Marlborough Times, 11th November 1882:
Pewsey Petty Sessions
The licence of the New Mill Inn was endorsed to William CHIVERS of Wootton Rivers, Farm Bailiff.

The Marlborough Times, 9th December 1882:
Pewsey Petty Sessions
ARTHUR PEARCE, a horse-clipper, was fined 10s, including costs, for being drunk and lying on a road at Milton on the 15th November.

[same issue]
The licence of the New Mill Inn was transferred from ISAAC WAYLEN to WILLIAM CHIVERS.

[same issue]
Deaths: on the 4th inst., at New Mill, Pewsey, HENRY JARVIS, aged 54 years.

The Marlborough Times, 30th December 1882:
Mr HENRY JARVIS, late of New Mill, Milton, District Surveyor, deceased.
All persons having any claims or demands on the estate of the late Mr HENRY JARVIS are requested to send the particulars thereof forthwith to the executors, the Mill, Pewsey.
S.B. Dixon, Solicitor to the executors Pewsey 27th Dec.

[same issue]
Deaths: On Christmas Eve, at 10, Donnington Square, WILLIAM EDWARD STILES FERRIS, eldest son of the late WILLIAM FERRIS of Milton Manor, Pewsey, Wilts, aged 39.

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