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Articles from 1886 part 2

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Articles from 1886 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, July 10th 1886:
Milton Lilbourne Club Feast
The members of the Milton Friendly Society held their annual festival as usual this year. Mustering at the "Gammon" to the number of nearly 100, and preceded by the Beechingstoke Band, they attended divine service at the parish church. After making a few calls on their way back to the "Gammon", about 120 sat down to a substantial dinner, served by the host WINDSOR PEARCE, in a very creditable manner, there being a very plentiful supply and of good quality.
Among the honorary members present were: Rev. J.H. GALE, Mr G. FERRIS, Mr W. KINGSTONE, Mr J. KINGSTONE, Mr HAYWARD, Mr REDMAN, Mr WELLS, Mr FERRIS, Mr LANE, Mr GILBERT, Mr FORD, Mr A. REYNOLDS etc. After the removal of the cloth, the Secretary read his annual statement, from which we gather that there are now 91 members, with a balance at the bank and in hand of 269.
The members of the club, with their wives and families, had been invited to partake of tea at Mrs FERRIS'S, of the Manor House; but before proceeding thither they paid their annual visit to Broomsgrove, where they indulged in dancing and enjoying the hospitality of J.J. KINGSTONE Esq. Arrived at the Manor House, the club and friends were at once regaled with cake and tea by a bevy of waiters.
A few encouraging words were spoken to the members by Mr PUCKRIDGE and Mr FERRIS, and Mrs FERRIS, and after sitting and enjoying a quiet half-hour the party left for headquarters. Before leaving, the whole party were photographed. The numbers attending the "Gammon" revel on Tuesday evening did not fall far short of 2,000 persons, and yet everything passed off in a quiet and orderly manner, and this is due no doubt to the kindly interest taken in it by all classes of society.

The Marlborough Times, August 7th 1886:
Milton Lilbourne. The honorary secretary of the Savernake Hospital acknowledges with many thanks the receipt of 16s, the proceeds of a social tea held in Mr S. REYNOLDS'S barn on Thursday 29th July, kindly forwarded by Mrs E. REYNOLDS.

[same issue]
Pewsey Petty Sessions
Before the Revs. J.H. GALE and W.H. AWDRY and Col. WADDINGTON. WALTER PINCHIN was summoned by his employer, Mr JOHN SOMERSET, for breach of contract of service. The plaintiff claimed 5s damages. Mr SOMERSET said he hired the defendant last Michaelmas as under-carter. About a fortnight ago the defendant refused to cut grass for the horses, and he had to pay a man to do it, and for this he claimed damages. Defendant said he was not old enough to cut grass; he never agreed to do so; and the money (5s per week) was not enough for this work. The Bench told defendant that he should be careful what contracts he entered into. He had evidently committed a breach of contract with his employer, and must therefore pay the damages claimed and 4s costs.

The Marlborough Times, September 11th 1886:
Free passages to Queensland. Special steamer, end-October. Farm labourers, single under 35, married under 45, must have been only and always at farm work. None others need apply. Families with not more than 3 children under 12, no limit over if daughters are domestic servants and sons farm workers. Splendid chance for a few sober steady farm workers. Apply at once and personally if possible, to Capt. W. Edwards, Market Place, Newbury, the authorized local agent.

The Marlborough Times, September 25th 1886:
Wanted - a man to attend cattle and a few sheep; must be able to milk; cottage and garden found. Also an under carter. Apply to G. WELLS, Totteridge Farm, Pewsey.

The Marlborough Times, October 2nd 1886:
New Mill, Milton, near Pewsey
Short notice of sale of growing crops of swedes, mangolds, carrots, parsnips, rick of peas etc.
Mr JOSEPH DREDGE has been instructed by Mr C.S. BANCE, who is leaving, to sell by auction, on Tuesday next, October 5th 1886, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, about acre of mangolds, 20 poles of swedes, a quantity of onions, carrots and parsnips, rick of peas, 20 sacks of potatoes etc. The above may be viewed on the morning of sale.

[same issue]
Blacksmith's shop, with house and business, at Milton, near Pewsey, to be let. Apply to Mr J. HAINES, East Wick, Marlborough .

[same issue]
Wanted, at New Mill, a carter. Also boys who can plough. None but a capable man need apply. Good cottage and garden. Apply J. DEW, Milton Hill.

The Marlborough Times, October 23rd 1886:
Shepherd wanted - a single man as shepherd for a dry flock. None need apply who cannot be recommended. Apply Mr HENRY J. FORD, Milton, Pewsey.

The Marlborough Times, November 6th 1886:
[Account of the opening meet of the season of the Tedworth Hunt: ]
"..... we observed that well-known old sportsman Rev. J.H. GALE, on foot, who set a good example to many young fellows, running for his age in a most extraordinary way ......"

[same issue]
Pewsey Petty Sessions
Transfer of licences include the New Mill Inn, parish of Milton, from CHARLES SMOKER BANCE to HENRY HOLLOWAY.

The Marlborough Times, November 13th 1886:
Births: November 5th, at the New Inn, New Mill, Pewsey, CLARA ANNIE, the wife of Henry HOLLOWAY, of a son.

The Marlborough Times, November 20th 1886:
Deaths: November 13th, at Broomsgrove, Milton, JAMES JOSEPH KINGSTONE, Esq., aged 67 years.

The Marlborough Times, December 25th 1886:
Deaths: December 19th, at Milton, ELLEN ALICE, the beloved wife of John LANE, aged 42.

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