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Articles from 1888 part 2

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Articles from 1888 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, June 16th 1888:
Marlborough County Court , Tuesday
Commitment order. - JOHN MARTIN, grocer, of Wootton Rivers, applied through his wife for a commitment order against THOS. COLLEY, labourer, of Milton. His Honour granted an order for commitment for 14 days, but the warrant was not to be issued for 14 days.

The Marlborough Times, June 30th 1888:
Deaths: at sea, May 22nd, on board HMS Thalia, WILLIAM HENRY LUDLOW GALE, Lieut. RN, aged 33, eldest son of JOHN HENRY and AUGUSTA GALE, of Milton, near Pewsey.

[same issue]
Death of Lieut. Ludlow GALE, RN.
The announcement in our obituary column of the death of Lieut. W.H. LUDLOW GALE, RN, eldest son of the Rev. J.H. GALE, of Milton, will cause a widespread feeling of sorrow throughout the district where the deceased officer was so well known and beloved. Lieut. GALE had served 22 years in the Royal Navy, in almost every part of the world, and was high up in the list of lieutenants. His popularity in the service, coupled with his efficiency in the profession to which he was so much attached, had marked him out as a rising man, and the death of this promising naval officer in the prime of manhood has cast a gloom, not only throughout this district, but over the wide circle of his many friends in many lands.

Lieut. GALE'S death was made all the more sad by the fact that it took place at sea, he having succumbed after a very brief illness in the Indian Ocean. It appears that he had just completed his commission of three and a half years on board HMS Rapid, and had left Sydney on the 23rd April in the Thalia, which exchanged crews with the Rapid. The vessel had passed through Torres Straits, and had reached about Lat. 12 deg., Long. 95 deg., when Lieut. GALE seemed to suddenly break down in health, and shortly afterwards died. The deceased officer was buried at sea on May 23rd.

We feel sure that all who knew the deceased will be much grieved at the sad news of his untimely death, and join in deep sympathy with his family in their present bereavement. Lieut. GALE was 33 years of age, and we append a few particulars of his career, which will no doubt be read with interest by his many friends.

In 1866 he joined as a cadet, on the Britannia stationed in Dartmouth. He was moved in 1868 to the Bristol, in the Mediterranean, and in the same year went round the world in the Galatea, as a midshipman. He next served on the Agincourt, in 1870, then stationed in the Channel. In 1873 he was made sub-Lieutenant, and in the following year was stationed on the Cape coast on board the Acteon, from which he was exchanged to the Argus, for duty on the North American and West Indian coast. He received his commission as Lieutenant in 1877 when he was appointed to the Defence, then stationed off the coast of Ireland. In 1878 Lieutenant GALE was stationed in the Indian Ocean ( Zanzibar ) on the Vestal, and returned to England in the following year in the Daphne. He next served on board the Thetis, stationed in the Pacific, on which he remained until his appointment in 1884 to the Rapid, for service on the West Africa coast. Having served his time on board this vessel, Lieut. GALE was returning to England on board the Thalia when his promising career was cut short in the sad way above narrated.

The Marlborough Times, July 14th 1888:
Church Missionary Society
A small sale of work will (D.V.) be held in Mrs WILLIAM GALE'S garden at Sunnylands, Milton, near Pewsey, on Friday, August 3rd, 1888 , at 2.30 pm, to be followed by an address by the Rev. H. WILLIAMS, from North India. The public is respectfully invited to attend.

[same issue]
Wilts Summer Assizes
Alleged arson. SARAH AMOR, 38, was indicted for feloniously and maliciously setting fire to a wood house, the property of HENRY WILLIAMS, at Milton, on the 2nd June. His Lordship postponed the case to the next Wilts assize.

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