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Articles from 1890 part 1

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Articles from 1890 (part 1)

The Marlborough Times, January 11th 1890:
On the 2nd inst. a concert was given in the schoolroom in aid of the funds of the Cricket Club, and although Milton concerts are proverbially popular, it was clear that on this occasion some element was present which brought about a more striking success than usual. Whether attracted by the nature of the programme, which had been published some days previously, or feeling generously inclined towards the object to which the proceeds were to be devoted, the friends of the Milton Rangers made a larger audience than any we remember to have seen in the same room. With one exception, all the male performers reside in the parish and are members of the club; and they are to be congratulated on a talent for music no less vigorous and enthusiastic than are their performances at the wicket and in the field.

Mr OLIVER SKINNER sang an excellent old song, entitled 'John Barleycorn', extremely well, gaining a most deserved encore. It would be a great advantage if songs of this class were more frequently heard, for they are very preferable in point of both music and words to the average modern ballad. Mr HAYWARD , of Clench, earned much hearty applause by a humorous recitation, in character, entitled 'The ratkiller'. In response to a general recall he gave, with great effect, a comic song called 'Lily Baker'.

Mr P.M. PUCKRIDGE and Mr WINDSOR PEARCE also earned the goodwill of the house. The former, having been well-received in his song 'I should like to be a soldier', proceeded to sing 'Rather!' as an encore, which fairly delighted the audience. Mr WINDSOR PEARCE, besides singing 'The brave old oak' and 'The old arm-chair', was simply the life and soul of the concerted music, with regard to which it may be observed that it is difficult to fancy our old friend 'Dame Durden' being given with more vigour and spirit than it was on this occasion.

Several ladies kindly gave their services, of whom Mrs FORD and Mrs DIXON contributed the most pleasing numbers. The Misses GALE also rendered valued assistance, and, in company with Mr J.W. KINGSTONE, the energetic captain, opened the evening's entertainment with a set of quadrilles, Mr KINGSTONE playing the cornet. The Rev. J.H. GALE was to the fore with a narrative, well calculated to enlist public sympathy on behalf of the club, had it been necessary; Mrs HAYWARD contributed a pianoforte solo; and Misses GALE, F. GALE, KIMBER & HAWKINS, Messrs W. WAITE, T. FERRIS, W.H. PUCKRIDGE and H.J. FORD, sang songs of various degrees of merit and popularity. Altogether a most enjoyable evening was spent, and the management are to be much congratulated. It is to be hoped they have gained no less in funds than they have in favour. Subjoined is the programme.

Part 1:
Instrumental piece, ' England quadrilles': the Misses GALE & Mr Jas. KINGSTONE
Song, 'Tit for tat': Miss KIMBER
Glee, 'When the morn is brightly glowing': Messrs PEARCE, WAITE & SKINNER
Song: Miss F. GALE [no details]
Song, 'One story is good until another is told': Mr WM WAITE
Song, 'In the gloaming': Mrs FORD
Song, 'John Barleycorn': Mr O. SKINNER
Recitation: Mr H. HAYWARD
Song, 'We all have enough trouble and care': Mr T. FERRIS

Part 2:
Pianoforte solo: Mrs HAYWARD
Song, 'They all love Jack': Mr W.H. PUCKRIDGE
Song, 'No Sir': Mrs DIXON
Song, 'Drink puppy drink': Mr H.J. FORD
Song, 'Love is a plaintive song': Miss GALE
Song: Mr P. PUCKRIDGE [no details]
Recitation: Rev. J.H. GALE
Song, 'The brave old oak': Mr WINDSOR PEARCE
Song, 'I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls': Miss HAWKINS
Glee, 'Dame Durden'

The Marlborough Times, February 1st 1890:
A concert, interspersed with readings, took place at the Board School, Milton Lilbourne, on Wednesday evening, when a very pleasant evening was spent by the audience. The room was full, especially at the back. Amongst those present we noticed the Rev. J.H. GALE and family, Mrs SOMERSET, Miss SOMERSET, Miss WARD, Miss RILEY, Mrs HAYWARD of Clench, Miss LEWIS, Miss HAINES, Miss HAWKINS, Miss DEW, Miss FERRIS, Mrs S.B. DIXON & Miss E. DIXON, of Pewsey, Mr PUCKRIDGE, Mr CHITTY, Mr FERRIS etc.

In the first part Mr SOAMES was much applauded for a piece he read about a boy who ran away on the 21st of next month and went to sea. After various adventures, including playing cricket in the rigging, being cast on an uninhabited island full of savages, etc., he returned home penitent, and put his legs round his father's neck, with other signs of everlasting attachment. Miss KIMBER was encored for her solo on that peculiar instrument the gigelira, so were Mr W. PEARCE and company for 'Cheer boys cheer'. Miss F. GALE sang her song very nicely indeed, and the 'gods' showed a great want of taste in not giving her an encore, although the applause nearly amounted to one.

The Marlborough Times, February 8th 1890:
Everley Petty Sessions
JOHN HEAD, of Milton Lilbourne, was summoned by the guardians of the Pewsey Union Workhouse for disobeying a maintenance order. Mr A. BAKER, Relieving Officer, proved that defendant was ordered to pay 2s 6d per week for the maintenance of his child, an imbecile in the workhouse. There was 2 8s 6d due on the 11th January last. Defendant was in a position to pay. A warrant was issued.

The Marlborough Times, February 15th 1890:
We regret to announce the death of Mrs PENRUDDOCKE, of Fyfield Manor House, which took place on the 6th inst. The remains of the deceased lady were interred at Milton on Tuesday afternoon last, in the presence of a considerable number of persons. Some beautiful wreaths were sent (amongst them one from Mrs Colonel GRAYDON, daughter of the deceased), which were placed on the coffin, but removed at the grave, by request, and forwarded to Savernake Hospital.

[same issue]
Deaths: Feb. 6th, at Fyfield Manor House, JULIANA LAETITIA, widow of the late CHARLES PENRUDDOCKE Esq., Barrister-at-law.

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