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Articles from 1891

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Articles from 1891

The Marlborough Times, January 24th 1891:
Deaths: January 15th at Broomsgrove, SARAH WEDGE, aged 67 years, for 24 years the faithful housekeeper to the late JAMES J. KINGSTONE Esq., of Broomsgrove, Pewsey.

The Marlborough Times, January 31st 1891:
On Thursday evening a service of song entitled 'Emanuel', illustrating the life and ministry of Our Lord, was given in the school-room by the members of the Young Men's Bible Class, and was very much enjoyed by a large audience, who attended by invitation to hear the service. The Rev J.H. GALE read the connective readings, which consisted of portions of scripture, appropriate to the subject. The Rev W.H. WEEKES presided at the harmonium. The musical portion of the service was very efficiently rendered by the young men themselves, assisted by a few friends. The audience were requested to join in singing a few of the more familiar hymns, which they did most heartily. Miss F. GALE sang the solo 'Come unto me all that labour' with good effect. The duet 'Oh how sweet are Thy words', sung by Miss GALE and Miss CLARA SKINNER, went well. The young men chanted the psalms remarkably well. A collection was made at the close to defray necessary expenses, after which the company dispersed.

The Marlborough Times, February 28th 1891:
Births: Feb. 25th at Elmswood, Marlborough, the wife of MARK JEANS, of a daughter.

The Marlborough Times, April 18th 1891:
Pewsey Board of Guardians:
Charles REDMAN elected for Milton

The Marlborough Times, May 2nd 1891:
Deaths: April 25 at Milton, Pewsey, SOPHIA, the beloved wife of Mr WM GULLIVER, aged 74 years, late of Collingbourne Kingstone.

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