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Articles from 1892 part 1

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Articles from 1892 (part 1)

The Marlborough Times, January 16th 1892:
Bellringers' Supper
On Tuesday last the ringers of this parish were invited to partake of a substantial supper, provided by Mr W. KINGSTONE, of Broomsgrove, at the Bruce's Arms. About a dozen ringers and friends responded to Mr KINGSTONE'S kind invitation, and a very enjoyable social evening was spent by all. Ringing cheers were given for Mr and Mrs KINGSTONE, and hearty wishes were expressed for their future welfare and happiness.

The Marlborough Times, February 6th 1892:
J.SOMERSET (deceased)
Pursuant to the Act of Parliament 22nd & 23rd Victoria Chapter 35, entitled "an Act to further amend the law of property and to relieve Trustees".
Notice is hereby given that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands upon or against the estate of JOHN SOMERSET, late of King Hall, Milton, near Pewsey, in the county of Wilts, gentleman, deceased (who died 16th January 1892 and the executors of whose will are FRANCIS FLOWER SOMERSET of Greenham House, near Newbury, Berks, Brewer; HENRY SOMERSET of Newbury, Berks, Brewer; and ROBERT WILLIAM MERRIMAN of Marlborough, Wilts, Solicitor) are hereby required to send particulars in writing of their claims or demands to us the undersigned Solicitors for the said Executors on or before the 31st day of March next, after which date the said Executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands of which they shall then have had notice, and the said Executors will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons whose claims or demands they shall not then have had notice.
Dated this 3rd day of February 1892. Merrimans and Gwillim, Solicitors, Marlborough

The Marlborough Times, 27th February 1892:
Milton, near Pewsey. About 7 miles from Marlborough and 2 from Pewsey Station. GWR.
On Wednesday March 16th 1892 : Important sale of live and dead farming stock, including the Hampshire Down breeding flock, 6 staunch cart horses, 39 four-year old shorthorn steers, swine, poultry, 4 ricks of jubilee clover and meadow hay, a large quantity of wheat and other straw (about 20 ricks), chaff, together with a large assortment of farm implements and about ten tons of old iron.

Mr MARK JEANS is favoured with instructions from the Executors of the late JOHN SOMERSET Esq. to sell by auction, on the premises, commencing at 11 o'clock a.m., as above, more particularly comprising:
Sheep: 215 Hampshire Down couples, 158 tegs, 29 fat 2-teeth wethers, 5 rams.
The dead stock includes: 3 narrow-wheel wagons, broad-wheel ditto with double shafts, tip cart with patent axles and raves, iron water-cart, 4 tip-carts, hay-making machine, sets of drags and harrows, scarifier, double cylinder 8 hp portable engine, with cover, by 'Brown and May'; thrashing machine, corn drill, manure ditto, iron roller, cake crusher, reaping machine, thrashing machine and horse-gear, chaff-cutter for steam power, sheep-dipping machine, mowing machine, wood and iron ploughs, iron rick-staddle, iron and wood cow-cribs, iron pig-troughs, bean grittler, clod-crusher, winnowing machine, beam-scales and weights, several sets of thill, trace and other other harness, sheep cages, troughs, etc.
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To timber merchants, carriage builders, wheelwrights, carpenters and others.
Mr MARK JEANS will sell by auction, on the premises, as above, by order of the Executors of the late Mr JOHN SOMERSET, a large quantity of well-seasoned oak, ash, elm, walnut and other boarding. A few sticks of oak and elm timber, faggots, etc. in suitable lots.

The Marlborough Times, March 5th 1892:
King Hall, Milton, near Pewsey.
On Tuesday 29th March 1892. Important sale of the whole of the household furniture, silver, plate, glass, choice wines, in- and out-door effects, etc.
Mr MARK JEANS is favoured by order of the Executors of the late JOHN SOMERSET Esq. to sell by auction, on the premises, commencing at 11 o'clock a.m., the whole of the household furniture and effects, more particularly comprising:

The furnishings of 4 sitting-rooms, including handsome oak dining-table, 3 antique oak ditto, mahogany loo and other tables, antique inlaid mahogany sideboard with cabinet ends, small mahogany ditto, mahogany sofas, mahogany frame dining-room and other chairs, Brussels carpets and Axminster rugs, 2 mahogany bookcases, 6 very handsomely-carved Chippendale chairs;

Oil paintings and engravings, which include a valuable oil painting 'The Holy Family' by Parmegeano [sic]; portrait in oils of 'Mr THOMAS SOMERSET of East Wick', several sporting and other prints and books; large dinner service, handsome painted china dessert service; valuable Worcester china tea and coffee service, and several pieces of oriental and other valuable china; about 12 dozen of choice wines, including 1863, 1868 & 1870 ports, old vintage claret and brown sherry, a quantity of cider in cask; a number of silver and plated articles, including 2 very handsome antique silver drinking-cups, a very massive old silver flagon, handsome antique silver cream-jug and tea-pot, silver spoons, forks, etc., handsome plated Venetian dish and cover, and numerous other plated articles.

The whole of the bedroom furniture, including carved mahogany 4-post bedsteads, wardrobe, chests of drawers, feather beds and mattresses, Chippendale and other chairs and stools, inlaid mahogany and other washstands, antique double set of ware, mahogany toilet glasses, etc. etc.
Brass and copper kitchen utensils, and several useful outdoor effects.
Brougham with pole, lamp and cushions, barouche and gig.
May be viewed the day previous to sale, and catalogues obtained of Mr MARK JEANS, Auctioneer and Valuer, Marlborough.

The Marlborough Times, April 9th 1892 :
Sales of the late Mr J. SOMERSET'S farming stock, timber, furniture and effects.
A series of sales conducted by Mr MARK JEANS on behalf of the executors of the late Mr JOHN SOMERSET, and advertised in these columns, were brought to an extremely successful conclusion on Tuesday last, the 29th inst.

The sale of farming stock, held on the 16th ult., brought together one of the largest companies ever seen at a similar sale; and upwards of 400 lots, comprising a great accumulation of dead stock, the breeding flock, 40 4-year old steers, cart horses, and some 35 stacks of hay, corn and straw &c., were disposed of without reserve and with business-like despatch, every lot being sold before 5 o'clock at highly satisfactory prices, the keenest competition being for the steers, which averaged 33 per pair.

On Tuesday, the 22nd, the timber sale, which comprised about 400 lots, and including a lot of well-seasoned oak and elm boarding, oak and elm sticks, tree tops, faggots &c. again brought together a large company, with the same satisfactory results; some of the best oak and ash plank exciting the keenest competition, single planks making up to 50s, and as much as 4s to 6s per cubic foot.

The sale of furniture, plate, wines &c. which comprised between 500 and 600 lots, was the climax, and alike eminently successful. A very numerous company was present, including many ladies and gentlemen from the surrounding neighbourhood, and brokers and dealers from London , Reading , Newbury, Hungerford, Bristol, Bath, Devizes, Marlborough &c. The Auctioneer commenced punctually at 11 o'clock , and brought the sale to a close soon after 5 o'clock , every lot being sold at a rate of 90 per hour for more than 6 consecutive hours. The keenest competition was shown throughout, and although sold with the utmost rapidity, not more than half a dozen lots were disputed or put up again.

Many curious old things were offered, amongst them an old waggoner's horn lantern, which made 2 (knocked down to Mr Neate); 3 grandfather clocks, 2 2s to 5 5s; oak tables (without carving) from 2 2s to 3 10s; 6 old carved Chippendale chairs made 16 5s together (sold in pairs); a mahogany bookcase 23; worked tapestry pictures, from one to two guineas each; 2 arm Chippendale chairs, 2 each; writing table 7 5s; dining table, 4 10s; sideboard, 5 5s; old mahogany wardrobes made 13 10s, 16 6s, &c; chests of drawers, from 3 to 5; 2 old and plain silver drinking cups made 4 and 4 5s; 2 antique cups made 16 5s and 17 5s; silver teapot (Queen Anne), 12 5s; cream jug, 3 7s 6d; old painted venison dish, 5 5s; 2 pairs of Corinthian candlesticks 4 and 5 10s; 2 branch candlesticks 4. Amongst the china and glass, a Worcester tea set made 12 12s; dinner service 6; dessert ditto, 5 5s; 18 tumblers 2 2s, &c. The wine made: '68 port, 65s per dozen; the '63 from 92s 6d to 95s; the '70, 60s; clarets made 30s; and sherry 47s 6d.

In the three sales, over 1,300 lots were sold without a hitch in 16 hours, and the management of the whole were warmly praised by the company and the family representatives.

The Marlborough Times, May 14th 1892:
Milton, near Pewsey. On Saturday May 21st 1892
Important sale of 116 acres of mowing grass and feed.
Mr MARK JEANS is favoured with instructions to sell by auction on the premises, at King Hall, Milton, commencing at 6 o'clock pm., under the usual conditions of sale, and in the following Lots:

Lot 1
King Hall Meadow
1acre 0 rods 17perches
Lot 2
Great House Meadow
4 acres 1rod 25 perches
Lot 3
Honeysuckle Meadow
5 acres 1 rod 5 perches
Lot 4
Pasture (north side of Avenue)
26 acres 3 rods 34 perches
Lot 5
Bigletts (south side of Avenue)
31 acres 0 rods 5 perches
Lot 6
Lady Mead
4 acres 2 rods 33 perches
On the foregoing Lots is sold the Right of Mowing and Feed to 29th September

Lot 7
West Rugg Pit
15 acres 2 rods 3 perches
Lot 8
East Rugg Pit
21 acres 3 rods 30 perches
On the above Lots is sold the Feed to 29th September

Lot 9
Sainfoin, to be fed and folded within two months from date of sale
5 acres 0 rods 0 perches

The pastures are well sheltered and full of grass. Mr NELSON STAGG, of Milton, will show the various Lots on application; and further particulars may be had of Mr GEORGE FERRIS, Land Agent, Milton Manor; or of the Auctioneer, Marlborough.

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