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Articles from 1893 part 2

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Articles from 1893 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, March 4th 1893:
Deaths: February 26th, at Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey, GEORGE STONE, for many years a faithful servant of the late Mr JARVIS, of New Mill, aged 68 years.

The Marlborough Times, April 15th 1893:
Marriage: April 8th at the parish church, Milton , by the Rev. KELEY, GEORGE, 3rd son of SHADRACH REYNOLDS, of Milton, to MARY JANE BLAKE, 5th daughter of JAMES BLAKE of Tilshead.

The Marlborough Times, May 27th 1893:
The Vicarage, Milton, about 2 miles from Pewsey & 4 from Savernake
On Friday, June 9th 1893, Sale of household furniture, indoor and outdoor effects.
Mr Mark JEANS is favoured with instructions to sell by auction, on the premises, as above, commencing at 11 o'clock am, the property of the late Rev. J.H. GALE, a quantity of surplus furniture and effects, comprising mahogany and other bedsteads, washstands and dressing-tables, chests of drawers in mahogany, oak etc.; oak, walnut and inlaid tables, walnut chiffoniere, large iron safe, oak, mahogany and other chairs etc.; a quantity of useful kitchen and dairy articles; china, glass and plated articles.
Out-door effects, including 2 dairy cows, waggonette (by Moore, Andover), brass-mounted harness, saddles and bridles, tip-cart, cart and plough-harness, carpenter's bench and tools, ladders, quantity of billet-wood and faggots; iron garden roller; winnowing machine, 2-knife chaff-cutter; iron pig-troughs; iron plough, chain-harrow, cucumber frame and lights, 14-inch lawn mower, 6 hives of bees etc. etc. etc., which will be particularized in catalogues, to be obtained of Mr M. JEANS, Auctioneer and Valuer, Marlborough.

The Marlborough Times, June 10th 1893:
Club festival
One of the most successful of the anniversary festivals of the Milton Friendly Society was held on Trinity Tuesday. This Society was established in 1878, with some 40 or 50 members, and has steadily increased in numbers and funds until it stands today, both numerically and financially, one of the best clubs in the county of Wiltshire. The members met at the Bruce's Arms at 9 o’clock , and after the usual formalities had been transacted, the club marched in fine order, headed by the Collingbourne Band, to the Parish Church, where an appropriate address was delivered to the members by the Rev. R.A. CAYLEY.
At 2 o'clock the members sat down to a first-class dinner provided by Mr ENOS PRICE, landlord of the Bruce's Arms. The following members also dined with the club: Mr G. FERRIS (Chairman), the Rev. R.A. CAYLEY, Dr RAYMENT, Mr H.P. DIXON, Mr M. JEANS, Mr W. KINGSTONE, Mr J. KINGSTONE, Mr D. HAINES, Mr RAVENHILL, Mr S. FERRIS, Mr H. HAYWARD, Mr S. REYNOLDS, Mr GILBERT, Mr FORD, and Mr JEEVES. Letters regretting absence were also received from Captain La TERRIERE, Mr REDMAN and Mr WELLS.

About 170 in all sat down to dinner. At its conclusion, the Chairman proposed the loyal toasts, and afterwards addressed the members at some length, and referred to the loss the club had sustained by the death of their Chairman, the Rev. J.H. GALE. His loss was keenly felt throughout the parish, as by his wit and wisdom he had gained the love and confidence of everyone. He had always taken a great interest in the Society, and many were the wise counsels he had addressed to them within those walls. He was, what he dearly liked to call himself, their parson and their friend. The Chairman then called upon the Secretary to make his annual statement. The Secretary said that the past year had been one of great progress.....
Mrs FERRIS and Mr G. FERRIS again invited the members and their wives to tea on their lawn, and about 180 sat down to enjoy the 'cups that cheer', and to spend a quiet hour, listening to the music of the band, which played some sacred melodies. Mr G. FERRIS gave one and all a hearty welcome. Mr M. JEANS, on behalf of the club, thanked both Mrs FERRIS and Mr G. FERRIS for their generosity, and called for three hearty cheers, which were heartily given. The members once more adjourned to headquarters, and were regaled with a liberal supper. At 10 o'clock the band played the National Anthem, and the large company quietly and orderly dispersed.

The Marlborough Times, July 1st 1893:
The parish of Milton Lilbourne has sustained a severe loss in the death of the late vicar the Rev. J.H. GALE and the removal of Mrs GALE and her family - a loss which, we fear, will never be made up. Mr GALE was a friend to all, no matter to what denomination they belonged. Where sickness, sorrow or death was, he was the first to visit and sympathize. He rejoiced with those who rejoiced, and mourned with those in sorrow. He was in fact a friend at all times; he is missed by all who knew him. He always enjoyed himself with the children of the Sunday School, in which Mrs GALE and the young ladies took a great interest; no matter what weather it was, rain or shine, frost or snow, when health permitted Mrs GALE was always at her post. Her kind gentle manner will be missed by the little ones and long remembered by them. The church choir will also miss the Misses GALE as they took a prominent part. Miss Fanny GALE was organist for 7 years. They have the thanks of the whole parish for their works of faith and labours of love.

The Marlborough Times, July 15th 1893:
Church Missionary Society
On Wednesday July 26th 1893 Sale of Work of fancy and useful articles including many novelties from abroad will be held in a tent at Mrs W.H. GALE'S, Sunnylands. Also an exhibition of missionary curios by Mr HORACE MOULD of CMS College , Islington.
Sacred music and singing during the afternoon.
Sale to be opened at 2 o'clock , to be followed at 6.30 by a public meeting in the schoolroom. The Rev. J.H. KNOWLES (missionary from Cashmere ) will attend as Deputation. Rev. C.E. THORPE (local secretary) and other clergymen will be present. A hearty invitation is given to all.

[same issue]
Account of Wesleyan anniversary .... celebrated in a barn lent by Mr REYNOLDS .... during the afternoon service a solo was performed by Miss Clara SKINNER.

The Marlborough Times, July 22nd 1893:
Sale of Work at Sunnylands, Milton.
We have much pleasure in directing the attention of our readers to the advertisement announcing that Mrs W.H. GALE'S annual Sale of Work will be held at Sunnylands, Milton , on Wednesday next in aid of the funds of the Church Missionary Society. The gathering is always a most pleasant one, while the excellent object in view should commend it to the support of a wide circle of people. Mr HORACE MOULD, late of Pewsey, now of the CMS College at Islington, will hold an exhibition of missionary curiosities, and the usual public meeting will take place in the school room with addresses by well-known speakers.

The Marlborough Times, July 29th 1893:
Sale of Work at Sunnylands.
A report of the annual Sale of Work at Mrs W.H. GALE'S appears on page 8. The total sum realized was £47 5s 7½d, made up as follows: sale proceeds £43; collected at the meeting in the school room £2 1s; Mr ALBORNE'S CMS box £1 16s 6d; Mrs MOULD'S CMS box 8s 1½d.

[same issue]
Sale of Work at Sunnylands, Milton.
One of the most pleasant annual fixtures in the Pewsey Vale is that organized by Mrs W.H. GALE in the pretty ground attached to her residence Sunnylands, Milton , in aid of the funds of the Church Missionary Society. Year by year Mrs GALE, assisted by her friends, get together a capital of useful and fancy articles, the proceeds of the sale of which go into the coffers of the Society. The gathering is a most popular one and never fails to attract a good number of visitors from this and other villages.

The weather on Wednesday last when the Sale of Work was held was all that could be desired. The village escaped several threatened thunderstorms and the weather continued fine throughout the day. After the recent rains the tastefully-kept grounds were seen at their best. The Sale of Work was held in a large marquee on the lawn. The stalls, six in number, were well laden with a choice variety of saleable goods, tastefully arranged by Mrs WESTBURY and Miss LEWIS, Mrs HAYWARD, Miss PETHYBRIDGE and Miss YOUNG, Miss WOOLCOTT and Miss INGRAM, Miss FUSSELL and Miss HAYWARD, Miss LUCY MOULD and Mrs BOWER. The Misses WESTBURY (2) and Miss B. WOOLCOTT were in charge of a stall containing fancy pottery .....

Selections of music were given in the tent at intervals. Miss PETHYBRIDGE played 2 pianoforte solos, Rubenstein's 'Reverie' and Schumann's 'Fantasiastucke', and sang 'There shall be no night there', and 'They shall hunger no more'. Miss MOULD contributed 'O rest in the Lord' and 'Ora Pro Nobis', and Miss WOOLCOTT sang 'Tell it out' and 'The Master stood in His garden'. Mrs HAYWARD (Clench) also played a pianoforte solo and Miss PETHYBRIDGE and Mrs WESTBURY gave a duet 'The march of the priests' (Mayerbeer).

Among the visitors were the Rev. Hon. B.P. BOUVERIE (Pewsey), the Rev. A.G. LOWE and party (Fosbury), the Rev. H.E. and Mrs WINDLE (Upavon), Mrs S.B. DIXON and party (Pewsey), Mr & Mrs G. FERRIES (Milton), Mrs & Miss May BROOKE (Marlborough), Mr H.J. PUCKRIDGE (Haybrook House), the Misses REDMAN (Froxfield), Miss PENRUDDOCKE (Milton), Mrs Frank STRATTON and party (Manningford Bohune), the Misses STRATTON (Manningford Bruce), Mrs FARMER & party (Little Bedwyn), Mr & Mrs G.F. HARRIS and party (Marlborough), Mr & Mrs HAYWARD (Clench), Mr & Mrs J.T. POWELL and Mr & Mrs HOMER POWELL (Easton), Mrs KINGSTONE (Broomsgrove), Mrs HAINES and party, Mrs COLLINS & Miss FOLLET (Easton), Mr FERRIS (Porton), Mr WOOLCOTT (Leigh Hill), Mrs PYKE, Mrs W. BULLOCK and party, Misses BARNES, the Misses ABORN and Misses EVANS (Pewsey), Mrs B. HAYWARD and the Misses BOWER (Manton), Mrs JOHN HAYWARD and Mrs BAVERSTOCK (Newbury), Mrs & Miss SOMERSET, Miss REDMAN, Miss HALL and Miss THOMPSON (Milton).

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