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Articles from 1894 part 2

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Articles from 1894 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, June 2nd 1894:
Friendly Society.
The members of the Milton Friendly Society held their annual fete on Trinity Tuesday. The Society has been gradually increasing in numbers, and has quite outgrown the accommodation provided at the Bruce's Arms, where the club has hitherto held its annual feast. A meadow and a large barn were therefore kindly placed at the service of the club by Mr S. REYNOLDS, and the new arrangement proved a great success. The members, to the number of 158, were formed into procession, and headed by the Beechingstoke band, marched in good order to the church, where a special club service was performed by the Vicar, Rev. C. SWEET. Dinner was served at 1.30 by Mrs VAUGHAN, of the New Inn, New Mill, whose catering gave satisfaction. The chair was occupied by Mr G. FERRIS, and there were also present : The Vicar, Dr RAYMENT, Mr M. JEANS, Mr C. REDMAN, Mr W. KINGSTONE, Mr J. KINGSTONE, Mr H. HAYWARD, Mr S. FERRIS, Mr FORD, Mr GILBERT, Mr S. REYNOLDS, Mr A. REYNOLDS, Mr W. PEARCE, Mr E. WELLS, Mr WITHERS and others. Letters of apology were received from Mr H.P. DIXON, Captain La TERRIERE, and Mr RAVENHILL ....

The Society now numbers 177 members, and has a capital of 591. The sick pay has been below average this year, and no death has occurred amongst its members. The Secretary then referred to the excellent services rendered to the Society by their Medical Officer, Dr RAYMENT, and concluded by proposing his health .... a programme of sports had been prepared for the afternoon and evening's entertainment, which, with the other diversions usual at club feasts, supplied the large concourse of people with an abundant round of amusements.

A tea was provided by Mrs SWEET and a few other ladies of the parish, for the members and their wives. It was given in the barn, in relays, the wives being first refreshed with the "cups that cheer", their husbands afterwards partaking - not of the proverbial "husband's tea" but of a capital spread of tea, cake and bread and butter. Many thanks are due to Mrs SWEET, Mrs REYNOLDS and other ladies who worked indefatigably to prepare tea for such a large number. The evening was spent in dancing and other amusements. At 9 o'clock the members adjourned to the barn for supper, after having spent one of the most enjoyable and pleasant annual feasts of the Milton Friendly Society.

The Marlborough Times, July 14th 1894:
Band of Hope.
The 16th anniversary of the Milton Labourers Band of Hope was celebrated on Thursday. Tea was provided at 6 o'clock by Miss PENRUDDOCKE, and afterwards a meeting was held, Mr ABORN presiding. After prayer and singing the Chairman addressed the children on the dangers of intoxicating drink. Mr JOHN ALEXANDER, of Trowbridge, District Superintendent of Juvenile Templars, followed with a lucid explanation of the work of that Order against the four evils of strong drink, tobacco, gambling and profanity. After a few remarks from Mr STACEY, a party of Good Templars from Marlborough contributed selections on their handbells, and Mr ROSIER spoke of the advantages of total abstinence. The "Old Hundredth Psalm" brought the meeting to a close.

The Marlborough Times, July 28th 1894:
At a meeting of Milton Friendly Society, on Monday last, the Secretary, Mr J. LANE, was presented with a handsome gold watch-chain and pendant on the occasion of his approaching marriage, and also in recognition of his past services on behalf of the Society. The presentation was made by Mr GEORGE FLIPPENCE.

The Marlborough Times, August 4th 1894:
Marriage: July 31st, at St Stephen's Church, Holloway, N., by the Rev. J.H. BUCKINGHAM, John LANE, of the School House, Milton, to SARAH HARRIET KIMBER, head mistress of St John's Infants School , Reading.

The Marlborough Times, August 11th 1894:
Wesleyan Sunday school.
The annual outing in connection with this school was held on Wednesday last, when a trip was made to Savernake Ruins in four conveyances, kindly lent by Messrs W. KINGSTON (Broomsgrove House), A. REYNOLDS, E. GILBERT and Miss PENRUDDOCKE. Leaving Littleworth at 12.30 pm , the party reached the ruins a little after 2 o'clock . Subsequently over 100 persons sat down to tea, after which the children enjoyed themselves in games. The Wesleyan brass band from Easton was in attendance. Home was safely reached at half past 8 o'clock after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

The Marlborough Times, August 25th 1894:
Band of Hope.
On Friday last week a successful temperance meeting was held in connection with the Milton Labourers Band of Hope. The members, with a number of friends, were hospitably entertained to tea by Miss L. PENRUDDOCKE, after which the Marlborough Good Templar handbell ringers rang some merry peals through the village and announced the public meeting which followed. Mr S. NOYES presided, and an interesting programme was carried out by the Good Templars and others. Six members of the Band of Hope recited in creditable style and Miss BAKER gave a very pleasing solo. Mr A. MOODY recited, and also gave an address. The handbell ringers rang a selection of tunes, Mr MOODY played a concertina solo, and songs were sung by Mrs NOYES and Miss BOWSHER. Mr H.J. ROSIER spoke of the good work being done by Bands of Hope and other juvenile temperance societies; Mr LANGRIDGE, as a working smith, testified that he was able to do his work better without alcoholic drink than with it; and Mr STACEY made some remarks on the temperance question generally. A pleasant evening was brought to a close with the doxology.

The Marlborough Times, October 27th 1894:
A large number of parishioners assembled at the Board School , on Friday evening, to witness the presentation of a purse containing 10 and a framed list of subscribers to Mr J. LANE (who has been master of the above school for nearly 17 years) on the occasion of his marriage.

Mr C. REDMAN, Chairman of the School Board, presided, and read letters from Mr G. FERRIS, and Mr J.W. KINGSTONE, expressing their inability to be present. He went on to say that they were met to show their respect and esteem for their schoolmaster, who had laboured amongst them for so many years, and had carried out his duties with great credit to himself and to the satisfaction of the present and former Boards. He had also worked most energetically in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the parish, especially on behalf of the Milton Friendly Society, and it was unanimously felt that the present occasion was a fitting opportunity to show their appreciation of his work amongst them. He had great pleasure in calling upon Mrs FERRIS, of the Manor, to make the presentation.

Mrs FERRIS, in very graceful terms, alluded to the high estimation in which Mr LANE is held by all classes of parishioners, and to the great pleasure it gave her to be present that evening, not only to make the presentation, but also to welcome Mrs LANE to her new home. On handing the purse of gold to Mr LANE , she wished them both long life and happiness.

Mr LANE, in acknowledging the gift, said he was too overcome at that moment to adequately express his thanks to them for the very handsome present he had just received from Mrs FERRIS on their behalf. He should value it very highly, as showing that in trying to do his duty he had gained the goodwill and esteem of the people of Milton; and it was very gratifying and encouraging to him to know that his labours on behalf of the education of their children were so highly appreciated. A vote of thanks, accorded to the Chairman by Mr H. HAYWARD, brought the interesting proceedings to a close.

During the evening Mr & Mrs LANE'S wedding presents were on view in the classroom. They included a silver-plated tea and coffee service, with a suitable inscription on the salver, and an illuminated address from the managers, teachers and friends of St John's and St Stephen's Parishes, Reading; an occasional table, beautifully inlaid, from the teachers and children of St John's Infants School; a dinner cruet from the Committee of the Reading Teachers' Association; and a handsome gold watch-chain and pendant from the members of the Milton Friendly Society. The artistically-executed list of subscribers was the work of Miss FOOKES, of Fairfield House, Pewsey, and the beautiful finish and symmetry of design was in itself a work of high art and greatly admired by those present.

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