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Articles from 1894 part 3

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Articles from 1894 (part 3)

The Marlborough Times, November 10th 1894:
Reading room.
A public meeting was held on Tuesday evening to inaugurate the opening of the parish reading room which has been erected due to the exertions of Mr F.R. RAVENHILL. The Rev. C. SWEET presided and there was a large attendance. The Chairman called on Mr RAVENHILL to explain the objects for which the room was erected. Mr RAVENHILL said that for a long time he had seen the great necessity for such a room in this village, and he thought he should be doing a public duty if he used his best endeavours to provide them with a room in which they could meet together for their mutual benefit. He commenced collecting subscriptions, and so ready was the response to his appeal that he was enabled to hand over the room free from debt. The room would be open every evening for all men and boys over 14 years of age, on payment of a nominal subscription, and he hoped they would spend many pleasant hours therein.

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Mr RAVENHILL, which was carried with great enthusiasm. A committee was formed, with the Vicar as President and Mr J. LANE as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, and proceeded to draft a set of rules for the guidance of members. 24 members and 6 honorary members were enrolled during the evening, and it is hoped that the room will prove of great service to the parishioners of Milton Lilbourne.

The Marlborough Times, November 17th 1894:
Severe gales and floods in the Marlborough district.
After a week of more or less wet weather, rain set in on Sunday evening, and continued with ever-increasing persistency until the following night .... At Milton the village street from Mr S. REYNOLDS' to Mr J. BENGER'S was under water, in some places 3 feet deep. The water entered several houses here and at New Mill. Mr G. FERRIS'S farm yard was under water and the horses were removed with difficulty.

The Marlborough Times, November 24th 1894:
A serious accident occurred on Monday night. A man named CHARLES FLIPPENCE was thrown out of a cart, and the wheel passed over his leg, crushing his knee and breaking his thigh. He was taken to the Savernake Hospital.

The Marlborough Times, December 8th 1894:
Pewsey Union : the representative for Milton, elected unopposed, was Mr SHADRACH REYNOLDS.

[same issue]
Parish Council election meeting
Mr M. JEANS was Chairman. Nine councillors had to be elected, and there were 13 nominations, as follows:
WILLIAM DEADMAN, agricultural labourer; HENRY HAYWARD, farmer; WILLIAM JOHN KINGSTONE, yeoman; FRANCIS MARTIN, agricultural labourer; SHADRACH REYNOLDS, farmer; OLIVER GEORGE SKINNER, baker; Rev. CHARLES FRANCIS LONG SWEET, clerk in holy orders; EDWIN VAUGHAN, agricultural labourer; WILLIAM WAITE, baker; GEORGE FERRIS; CHARLES REDMAN; BENJAMIN STYLES; and THOMAS WATTS. The 4 last-named resigned to avoid a poll.

The Marlborough Times, December 15th 1894:
Concert in aid of funds for the Cricket Club, in the schoolroom, on Friday last.
[summary] Amongst those present were: Dr & Mrs RAYMENT, Dr COLMAN, Mrs DIXON and party (Pewsey), Mr M. JEANS and party, Mr S. FERRIS and Miss FERRIS, Mr & Miss DEW (Milton), Rev. E.G.A. SUTTON, Rev. C. KENNEDY, Mr R. DIXON (Pewsey), Captain and Mrs BAUMGARTEN (Oare), Mr LANE, Mr FORD, etc.....

Miss STURTON'S song "The bridge of gold" was beautifully rendered. "A cup of tea", given in character by the Rev. C.F. SWEET and several ladies and gentlemen, received a well-deserved encore. Mr LANE caused much amusement by a reading on the Parish Councils, being a dialogue between two Wiltshire labourers explaining what they were going to get. Mr CARPENTER'S solo on the mandolin also met with applause. Mrs DIXON'S songs "The bee and the song" and "Katey's letter" were well received, and the latter was repeated in response to an enthusiastic encore. Captain EVERETT'S songs, and those of Dr RAYMENT, were well received, Dr RAYMENT for "The Equatorial Line" and Captain EVERETT for "Tommy Atkins" being loudly cheered. The Rev. C.F. SWEET, on being encored for his song "Lowther Arcade", sang another very amusing comic song .... Mr RAVENHILL'S song "Accidents" provoked much laughter, and in response to an encore he sang "Ting-a-ling" .... the proceeds amounted to between 5 and 6.

The programme
Part 1:
Pianoforte solo, Miss DIXON
Song, "The Midshipmite", Dr RAYMENT
Song, "Bridge of gold", Miss STURTON
Song (with chorus), "A cup of tea", Rev. C.F. SWEET
Mandolin solo, "Selections", Mr CARPENTER
Song, "The bee and the song", Mrs DIXON
Reading , "Parishes", Mr LANE
Song, "Meynell Hunt", Mr EVERETT
Song, "Honey O", schoolchildren
Song, "In the old, old way", Mrs CLARK-KENNEDY
Song, "Molly and I and the baby", Mr RAVENHILL

Part 2
Song (with chorus) "Linger longer Loo", Mr SKINNER
Song, "Katey's letter", Mrs DIXON
Violin solo, "Selections", Mr CARPENTER
Song, "Gates of the west", Mrs CLARK-KENNEDY
Song, "Lowther Arcade", Rev. C.F. SWEET
Song, "Marigold", Miss STURTON
Song, "Tommy Atkins", Mr EVERETT
Song, "The fat boys", choir boys
Song, "The Equatorial Line", Dr RAYMENT
Comic song, "Accidents", Mr RAVENHILL
"God Save the Queen".

The Marlborough Times, 23rd December 1894:
The first parish council meeting was held in the Board Schoolroom on Wednesday evening last. Mr S. REYNOLDS was elected chairman, Rev. C.F.L. SWEET (Vicar) vice-chairman, Mr S. REYNOLDS honorary clerk, pro-tem., Mr CHARLTON, Wilts & Dorset Bank, Marlborough, Treasurer. The clerk was instructed to purchase the necessary books etc. to carry out the business of the Council. He was also further instructed to draw the attention of the owner, Mr C. PENRUDDOCKE, to the bad state of a footpath at Fifield.

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