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Articles from 1895 part 1

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Articles from 1895 (part 1)

The Marlborough Times, January 26th 1895:
Marriage: January 21st at the parish church, Pewsey, by the Rev. & Honble. Canon B.P. BOUVERIE, Rector of the parish, assisted by the Rev. E.G. SUTTON, WILLIAM ALFRED EDWARD CARPENTER of Havering Lodge, Milton Lilbourne, near Pewsey, to LUCY KNIGHT, eldest daughter of J.F. MOULD of Pewsey.

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Marriage of Miss MOULD
The marriage of Mr WILLIAM ALFRED EDWARD CARPENTER of Havering Lodge, Milton Lilbourne, and Miss LUCY KNIGHT MOULD, eldest daughter of Mr J.F. MOULD of Pewsey, was celebrated at St John the Baptist Church, Pewsey, on Monday last. The church was crowded to excess and the approach thereto was thronged with people. The bride was attired in an ivory white cashmere dress and a veil of Brussels net, caught with orange blossoms, and carried a beautiful shower bouquet, comprised of orchids, lily of the valley, and myrtle. She was given away by her father, Mr J.F. MOULD. The bridesmaids, Miss BEATRICE and Miss SYLVIA MOULD, sisters of the bride, wore pale tan cloth dresses and pink toques trimmed with roses to match, and carried bouquets of pink roses and lily of the valley.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Hon. Canon B.P. BOUVERIE, assisted by the Rev. E.G. SUTTON. At the end of the ceremony Canon BOUVERIE gave a very impressive address. There was a large number of guests at the residence of the bride's father, amongst whom were: the Rev. Hon. B.P. BOUVERIE, Lady CONSTANCE BOUVERIE, Mr & Mrs ALFRED FOX (uncle and aunt of the bridegroom), Mr & Mrs W.S. BAINBRIDGE, Rev. E.A. SUTTON, Miss KNIGHT, Mr F. KNIGHT, (of London, who presided at the organ), Mr & Mrs KERR. Miss LEGG, Miss HILDA BRAYE, Miss MATHEWS, Miss O'CONNOR, Mr J.H. MOULD and Mr E.W. MOULD.
The bride and bridegroom left for Bath early in the afternoon. The bride's travelling dress was of myrtle green cloth, tastefully trimmed with velvet and dark brown fur, and hat to match. The presents, which were over 60 in number, were handsome and valuable, and included several cheques.

The Marlborough Times, February 9th 1895:
The Parish Council held its third meeting on Monday, when there were present: Mr S. REYNOLDS, chairman, Messrs KINGSTONE, DEADMAN, SKINNER, MARTIN, WAITE and VAUGHAN. After minutes had been read, and signed, by the chairman, Mr O. SKINNER proposed that a reporter be admitted to the meetings of the council. This was seconded by Mr DEADMAN and carried. The chairman said he had received 15 applications for allotments, to the amount of 32 acres, 1 rod & 30 poles. He also read and explained sections 9 & 10 of the Act dealing in allotments. On the proposition of Messrs DEADMAN and MARTIN it was resolved that a committee should be appointed to consider the applications and report at the next meeting. The Rev. C. SWEET and Messrs HAYWARD and VAUGHAN were appointed Allotments Committee. Mr DEADMAN brought forward the deplorable state of the public footpaths and stiles in various parts of the parish, and it was unanimously resolved that Messrs REYNOLDS, KINGSTONE & WAITE be appointed a Committee of Inspection and to report the faulty places at the next meeting. Mr VAUGHAN complained of the state of the road at New Mill, but was ruled out of order by the chairman.

The Marlborough Times, February 16th 1895
Presentation on Friday last at Fyfield Lodge.
The Vicar, Rev. C. SWEET, presented Mr CHARLES STAGG, the Parish Clerk, with a testimonial in the form of a Bible subscribed for by various members of the congregation of the Parish Church in recognition of 27 years faithful service in connection with the Parish Church.

[same issue]
Death of Col. GRAYDON.
We regret to hear of the death of Colonel
GRAYDON, brother-in-law of Miss PENRUDDOCKE. The sad event occurred at his residence on Monday last, and has caused the deepest regret to a wide circle of friends.

[same issue]
Milton Lilbourne Board School
Through the kindness of Mrs REYNOLDS, Mr REDMAN, Mr WELLS and others, the children of the above school who stay to dinner, numbering 20 to 30, have been supplied with a cup of hot cocoa and milk every dinner hour. This has proved very beneficial to the poor children during the arctic winter we have been experiencing of late.

The Marlborough Times, February 23rd 1895:
The Parish Council held a special meeting on Monday evening last to receive the reports of the Allotments and Footpaths Committees. All the members were present except for the Rev. C. SWEET. The Chairman brought forward the Allotments Committee report and after some discussion it was resolved on the motion of Messrs SKINNER and VAUGHAN that the applicants for allotments sign an agreement to pay all the preliminary charges of valuation of land etc. before the council apply for land for allotments.
Footpaths: owing to the severity of the weather, the committee had not been able to inspect the footpaths, but several places were mentioned by the council that required attention, notably Milton Avenue , the public path to Easton and at Fyfield the public path to Pewsey ..... the council decided on the proposition of Messrs SKINNER and WAITE to make applications to the district council to repair public paths, the committee in the mean time to point out the places needing repair to the district council.

The Marlborough Times, March 9th 1895:
Parish Council.
The members met on Monday to transact the business of the council. The Chairman read the report of the Footpaths and Stiles Committee, and after considerable discussion it was decided on the proposition of Messrs DEADMAN and VAUGHAN that the report was to be sent in its entirety to the District Council to await their report thereon. The Chairman said he had two letters from Mrs PENNING declining to let a piece of her land for allotments. They would therefore have to apply for a piece of land elsewhere. Mr F. MARTIN proposed that application be made to Mr MERRIMAN asking him to let Little Salisbury Common meadow. This was seconded by Mr E. VAUGHAN. The Rev. C. SWEET proposed that the words "or any other suitable piece of land" be added to Mr MARTIN'S motion. This was agreed to, and the proposition as amended was carried nem con. Mr REYNOLDS brought forward the subject of defective drains near Mr REDMAN'S farm buildings, and proposed that the District Council be requested to re-open the watercourse to prevent the roads being flooded as had been the case since the drain had been stopped up. This was seconded by Mr O. SKINNER and carried. The Chairman gave an account of expenses occurred by the Council up to date, after which proceedings terminated.

The Marlborough Times, March 16th 1895:
Wesleyan Chapel
On Sunday evening last, a service of song entitled 'Water Mill Hollow' was given in this chapel. The connective readings were taken by Mr O. HOARE. Credit is due to the choir and also to Mr C. REYNOLDS who ably presided at the harmonium. The collection in aid of the chapel funds realized a satisfactory sum.

[same issue]
An acceptable gift.
The MARQUESS OF AILESBURY, as trustee to the Hoare Fund, as generously permitted Miss L.G. PENRUDDOCKE to have the selection of a handsome gift in books, chiefly Bibles, prayer books and books in accordance with the teaching of the Church of England from the Queen's Geographer for the library of the Labourers' Band of Hope. The gift is much appreciated and most acceptable.

[same issue]
A generous Scotch lady.
A correspondent writes: Miss L.G. PENRUDDOCKE has had the great pleasure of ordering and having distributed a number of blankets as gifts or on loan in her little district of Fyfield and in Milton Lilbourne. For these the recipients are indebted to Mrs Colonel DAVIDSON of Edinburgh who has, ever since her brother, Mr BUCHANAN, married Miss ANNA PENRUDDOCKE, taken a great interest in the village and more especially since the Labourers' Band of Hope was formed. 25 families have benefitted by this most seasonable gift.

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