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Articles from 1895 part 2

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Articles from 1895 (part 2)

The Marlborough Times, March 23rd 1895:
Pewsey Board of Guardians
Footpaths and stiles at Milton
A letter was read out from Mr REYNOLDS calling for attention to several footpaths and 17 stiles for repair or improvements. One District Councillor raised a hearty laugh by remarking Milton appeared to be all footpaths and drains. Voted for a letter to be sent to the parties concerned, asking them to do what was necessary. The Rev. AWDRY moved that the occupiers be called upon to do the necessary repairs. Mr DEADMAN seconded the motion.

The Marlborough Times, April 20th 1895:
Parish Council
The first annual meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday, and though the council sat for nearly two hours, nothing of public interest was transacted. All members being present, Mr REYNOLDS presided. After passing the accounts the council re-elected Mr S. REYNOLDS as Chairman and Rev. SWEET as Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year. Mr C. REDMAN and Mr MARK JEANS were appointed overseers for the parish and the appointment of an assistant overseer was ordered to stand over until the next meeting of the council, as was also a resolution proposed by Mr E. VAUGHAN to apply to the County Council for compulsory powers to acquire allotment ground.

The Marlborough Times, April 27th 1895:
Milton, Wilts About 2 miles from Pewsey Station GWR.
To be sold or let from Michaelmas next : a compact farm of 217 acres comprising about 40 acres of pasture (30 more being laid down), and the remainder arable and downland, in a high state of cultivation, with a charming detached residence and close to church, village and post office.
For terms to meet times value, apply to Mr MARK JEANS, auctioneer, land and estate agent, Marlborough.

The Marlborough Times, May 4th 1895:
Pewsey Board of Guardians
Path at Milton
The surveyor reported that he had with Mr REYNOLDS inspected the footpath through the Avenue at Milton, and would be glad to receive more definite instructions as to what should be done. Cattle were daily passing over the path and he feared that unless it was stoned not much good would be done by forming it up. In the absence of Mr REYNOLDS, the subject was referred.

The Marlborough Times, May 18th 1895:
Milton cricket team:

The Marlborough Times, June 1st 1895:
Pewsey Board of Guardians
Mr GEORGE FERRIS wrote calling attention to the bad state of about 120 yards of Havering Road, Milton, and asking the District Council to repair it. The surveyor described it as a public road, but said it has never been repaired by the authority. Mr S. REYNOLDS said it was merely an occupation road and the board had nothing to do with it. It had been repaired by the occupiers previously. Mr FERRIS had just bought a little estate at the further end of the road and would like the council to make the road for him - the Chairman. Naturally enough, the application was rejected.

The Marlborough Times, June 15th 1895:
The Church Missionary Society.
We remind our readers that the annual sale of work organised by Mrs GALE at Sunnylands, Milton, in aid of funds for the Church Missionary Society will be held on Wednesday next. The gathering is a most enjoyable one, and in view of the excellent object sought to be obtained, it is hoped that Mrs GALE and her supporters will have the pleasure of welcoming a large number of new friends as well as those who have been present at previous occasions. Particulars appear in our advertisement.

[same issue]
Sunnylands, Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey
Church Missionary Society
Wednesday June 19th 1895 : A sale of work & useful articles & provision stall in a tent will be opened (DV) at 2.30. Tea as usual. To be followed by a public meeting (by kind permission of the School Board) in the school room at 6 o'clock. ERNEST SUTTON Esq. will preside. The Rev. Dr. BRUCE (Persia ) will attend as Deputation. Friends will be warmly welcomed. District Secretary, C.E. THORPE.

[same issue]
Milton Lilbourne Club Festival.
The annual festival of the Milton Friendly Society was held in a commodious tent in Mr REYNOLDS' meadow on Tuesday last ....over 200 members and friends sat down to an excellent dinner provided by Mrs VAUGHAN of the New Inn. Letters expressive of regret for absence and wishing success to the club were received from Mr G. FERRIS, M. JEANS, S. REYNOLDS, J. SPACKMAN (Pewsey) and others. After dinner the Rev. SWEET presided and proposed loyal and other toasts and then gave the toast of the day "Success to the Milton Friendly Society".

The Secretary in reply said that the past year had been one of steady progress both in members and funds. 24 new members had been admitted, 4 had left and 1 died during the year, leaving a total of 196 members. As regards to the finances, the Secretary reported that they have paid 75 for sick pay, being over 50 per cent more than last year, yet with such a heavy sick bill they had been able to increase their funds by over 60, the total capital now being 652 11s 8d. The report gave great satisfaction. In conclusion the Secretary pointed out the great necessity of having a small working committee to assist the Secretary and stewards in carrying out their duties, now that the club had assumed such large proportions.

The Chairman in a very humorous speech proposed "the health of the Medical Officer, Dr RAYMENT", who suitably responded and proposed "the Honorary Members", coupling with it the name of Mr REDMAN, one of the oldest honorary members of the club. The toast was received with musical honours. After Mr REDMAN had replied, Mr HAYWARD proposed "the health of the Chairman", Mr RAVENHILL in felicitous terms proposed "the health of Mrs VAUGHAN, the hostess", and also of Mr REYNOLDS (who was absent through illness), with thanks for the use of the meadow. Mr W. KINGSTONE returned thanks on behalf of Mrs VAUGHAN.

The rest of the day was given up to the enjoyment of the amusements usual at club fetes. A large concourse of people from surrounding villages attended in the evening, and dancing was indulged in to the strains of the Burbage Band. At 8.30 the members partook of supper, and soon afterwards the National Anthem brought the day's festivities to a close.

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