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Articles from 1895 part 3

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Articles from 1895 (part 3)

The Marlborough Times, July 6th 1895:
Death of Mr HAINES
On Thursday the 27th, Mr HAINES of Havering House passed away, to the regret of a large circle of friends. A correspondent writes:
His loss will be deplored both by his relations and by all who knew him. His urbane and kindly manner at all times caused him to be spoken of among his friends as one of 'Nature's gentlemen'. For many years he was Churchwarden in Milton , and in his life and conversation showed that the ruling principle which guided him in his relations with his fellow men was that 'charity which thinketh no evil'. The ever-ready and open-handed hospitality of Mr & Mrs HAINES is well known in the neighbourhood, and there was no good cause in which Mrs HAINES did not help. Many must regret that that which was termed 'the Technical Hall' at Milton had to come down. People who had attended political meetings there, and also those who had taken part and assisted in the several Band of Hope meetings (to the latter of whom it was lent free of charge), will remember Mr HAINES' clever handiwork.

Some of the first meetings of the Labourers' Band of Hope were held on the grounds adjoining Havering House by kind permission, and just lately Mrs HAINES has added to the books given by Lord AILESBURY to their library some from the Religious Tract Society. Wherever Mrs HAINES in future resides, she will take with her the kindest sympathy of all her friends in Milton and the neighbourhood.

[same issue]
Deaths: June 27th at Milton Lilbourne, Daniel HAINES aged 86.

The Marlborough Times, July 27th 1895:
Band of Hope.
The annual festival of the Milton Lilbourne Band of Hope was celebrated on Tuesday. The members, numbering about 40, were entertained at tea in the schoolroom by Miss PENRUDDOCKE, a number of ladies kindly lending their assistance. It is needless to say that the children greatly enjoyed themselves. In the evening the Temperance Hall was crowded, many being unable to get admission, on the occasion of a temperance entertainment by a party of Good Templars from Marlborough . An interesting programme of handbell ringing, recitations and addresses was given, and the visitors were heartily thanked for their services.

The Marlborough Times, August 31st 1895:
Milton Lilbourne, Wilts - about 2 miles from Pewsey GWR
Sale of a comfortable freehold old-fashioned cottage residence, with large garden, stabling and out-buildings

Mr MARK JEANS is favoured with instructions from Mrs WARD (who is leaving Milton) to sell by auction at the Phoenix Hotel, Pewsey, on Tuesday September 10th 1895 at 2.30 for 3.00pm under conditions of sale to be then and there produced, this desirable freehold property.
The house which is brick built and thatched lies close to the road and a short distance from church and P.O. (with two deliveries). It has a bright appearance, surrounded by a large and productive garden, and contains 3 sitting rooms, 4 bedrooms, kitchen and offices with front and back staircases. There is also a stable, coach house and out-premises.
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone retiring from business to acquire at moderate outlay a very pleasant country retreat.
Further particulars from S.B. DIXON, solicitor, Pewsey, or MARK JEANS, auctioneer.

The Marlborough Times, September 7th 1895:
A good object.
On Thursday, the yearly mission took place in the Temperance Hall for the Savernake Hospital . The meeting was opened with prayers and closed with an address and hymns. The large and handsome collection of flowers, fruit, eggs, two fancy baskets, raspberry, blackcurrant and other preserves, exceeded previous years. One large flag basket of carrots, parsnips, turnips and potatoes was of the order generally seen in flower shows, and also the beans and marrows. One widow gave over a gallon of quaranton apples, and preserves were the gift of another. The children's flowers were most tastefully put together. One basket of dahlias and other flowers, the gift of a resident, was much admired. There were several nosegays, the gifts of young friends, full of mignonette which quite scented the hall. The hall was prettily decorated by Miss S.A. BAKER, the lady who by her scripture reading and kind attention to the sick has gladdened many in Milton and made them rejoice in having her as nurse.

The Marlborough Times, August 24th 1895:
Milton Lilbourne
A Jumble Sale will be held on Wednesday September 4th 1895
Great bargains - Articles new & old - Various entertainments
Music - cocoa nuts - Aunt Sallies - Shooting galleries &c.
This sale will be opened by Lady CONSTANCE BOUVERIE at 2pm .
Admission to field 2d.

The Marlborough Times, September 14th 1895:
Jumble sale.
A successful jumble sale was held here on Wednesday September 4th, in Big House Meadow, kindly lent for the occasion by Mr MARK JEANS, of King Hall. The takings, amounting to between 40 and 50, will be devoted to swell a fund already started to provide an organ for the parish church. Large numbers of intending purchasers were already assembled when, at 2pm , the sale was declared open by Lady CONSTANCE BOUVERIE, and a brisk business at once commenced. People unable to suit their requirements must indeed have been hard to please, as anything could be purchased, from a pair of boots to a bicycle, from a silk hat to a crape mantle; for friends to the church (too numerous to mention) had sent contributions of all kinds.

The stalls were arranged in a circle around a fine clump of limes, and were ably presided over by Mrs SWEET, the Misses SWEET (2), the Misses WALROND (2), Miss LEWIS, Miss BARNES, Mrs H. SPACKMAN and Mrs A. REYNOLDS, assisted by Lady CONSTANCE BOUVERIE, Mrs KEMM, Mrs RAYMENT, Mrs S.B. DIXON & Miss DIXON, Mrs La TERRIERE, Mrs COLMAN, Miss WARD, the Misses STURTON (2), Miss HAYWARD, Miss SKINNER, and others. Queen's weather favoured the undertaking, and the whole scene was picturesque in the extreme, people coming from Marlborough , Pewsey, Burbage, Oare, Wilcot, Manningford, Easton Royal, Wootton Rivers and elsewhere. Great were the exertions of the saleswomen to clear out their goods, and that their energy was repaid the result has amply proved.
Mr CLARK-KENNEDY did a roaring trade at the cocoa-nuts, and others who helped at the swing-boats, Aunt Sally, and shooting gallery, were: the Rev. E.G. SUTTON, Dr RAYMENT, Messrs EVERETT, R. DIXON and RAVENHILL, while Mr OLIVER SKINNER officiated at the entrance gates. The Misses JEANS had a bran-tub at 1d a dip, and Master JEANS made a small fortune with a "Toad in the Hole". At a stall under a wide-spreading elm refreshments supplied at moderate cost, and the band from Easton Royal helped to enliven the proceedings.

As evening drew on, lovers of the Terpsichorean art indulged in a dance on the grass. Mr MARK JEANS and friends greatly assisted the undertaking by arranging a series of concerts. The spacious drawing-room at King Hall had been cleared out and a platform erected, and the following programmes were ably carried through.

At 3 o'clock :
Song : "The lark now leaves her watery nest" (Mrs SWEET)
Song : "The flight of ages" (Mr W.H. GODDING)
Song : "Far from free" (Mrs S.B. DIXON)
Song : "Over the harbour bar" (Dr RAYMENT)
Song : "Let me wander not unseen" (Mrs FULCHER)
Song : "The band" (The Misses and Master JEANS)
Song : "Esmerelda" (Mrs H. JEANS)
Violin Duett : "March" (The Misses FULCHER)
Humorous song : "The baby on the shore" (Mr RAVENHILL)

At 4.30 a second concert commenced:
Song : "The Lowther arcade" (Rev. C.F. SWEET)
Song : "The old sundial" (Mrs FULCHER)
Song : "The Zuyder Zee" (Dr RAYMENT)
Song : "A mother's love" (Mrs S.B. DIXON)
Violin solo : "Impromptu" (Miss FULCHER)
Song : "The Arab's farewell" (Mrs H. JEANS)
Piano solo (Miss DIXON )
Song (in character) : "The little cooks" (The Misses and Master JEANS)
Humorous song : "Sister Mary Jane's top note" (Mr RAVENHILL)

At 7 o'clock a third concert was given to a crowded room:
Song : "The old trombone" (Dr RAYMENT)
Song : "Thady O'Flinn" (Mrs H. JEANS) (encored)
Violin solo : "The keel row" (Miss Amy FULCHER)
Song : "The band" (The Misses and Master JEANS)
Recitation : "Ben and the butter" (Rev. C.F. SWEET)
Song : "When love is kind" (Mrs SWEET)
Song : "Molly and I and the baby" (Mr RAVENHILL) (encored)

Where all did their best, it would be invidious to mention any particular performer; suffice it to say that the entertainments gave much pleasure and were much appreciated by the several audiences. Tennis at 1s a set was played on the King Hall lawn, and in the garden recherche refreshments, including ices, were dispensed. Everyone working with a will, success was assured, and many a wish was expressed that Mr SWEET would have a yearly sale and village fete. All who attended appeared thoroughly to enjoy themselves, and our correspondent's last recollection of the pleasant scene was when, long after dark, by the light of a flaming paraffin lamp, he saw the swing-boats hard at it and Mr SWEET still "raking in the shekels".

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