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Articles from 1899 part 1

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Articles from 1899 (part 1)

The Marlborough Times, January 7th 1899:
Everley Petty Sessions
OLIVER PAGE and WILLIAM PAGE, of New Mill, were ordered to pay 1s per week each towards the maintenance of their father, a pauper chargeable to the common fund of the Pewsey Union.

[same issue]
Local council meeting : Drainage at Milton.
The Medical Officer of Health reported that he had received a note from Miss PENRUDDOCKE complaining of a ditch and water supply at her cottages, Milton Road . On inspection he found that it was an open ditch, situated about 16 feet in front of the cottages and 21 feet from the well. It contained offensive water drainage from a farmyard. The water in the well was quite unfit for use and the cottagers complained that they had been unable to drink it for two years. The ditch and well had been brought before the notice of the Council before, and he thought the matter should be remedied as soon as possible. The subject was considered at some length, and eventually it was resolved to communicate with the Trustees of the Somerset Hospital , to whom a portion of the property affected belongs, with the object of endeavouring to arrange some joint action between them and the Rural District Council in dealing with the matter.

The Marlborough Times, February 4th 1899
Deaths: January 26th, at Upper Farm, Milton, Pewsey, Wilts, SHADRACH REYNOLDS, aged 65 years.

[same issue]
Death of Mr S. REYNOLDS

By the death of Mr REYNOLDS, a familiar figure has passed from our midst. Mr REYNOLDS was well known and respected in a wide area around his native village. He always took great interest in all matters, parochial and otherwise, and had filled all parish offices. He was one of the first members of the Milton School Board, which was established in 1876, and when the Parish Council Act was passed, he was elected Chairman of the first Council in this parish. He also became District Councillor. His practical experience and sound judgement in all financial matters made him a great acquisition to the Pewsey Board of Guardians. Mr REYNOLDS never seemed to thoroughly recover the loss of his wife, which happened nearly two years ago, but he was ill only about two months, and passed quietly away, of heart disease, on Thursday 27th [sic]. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the principal mourners being the sons and daughter of the deceased. Many parishioners and friends from a distance also attended the funeral, to shew their sympathetic regard for one whom they had respected in life. Mr BEVAN, of Pewsey, was the undertaker and carried out the arrangements satisfactorily.

The Marlborough Times, February 18th 1899:
ALBERT ALFRED REYNOLDS, of Charlton and Milton, Pewsey, Wilts, begs to inform the farmers in the neighbourhood that he has succeeded to the business of his deceased father, SHADRACH REYNOLDS of Milton, Wilts, as castrator of animals and land measurer. Having assisted him in his work for a number of years, he hopes, by strict attention to business, to gain the confidence and support accorded to his father for so many years. February 16th 1899.

The Marlborough Times, February 11th 1899:
Milton Parish Council
An adjourned meeting was held on Monday to receive the tenders for the erection of a house for the parish bier. There were four tenders, viz: Messrs WHATLEY 10 10s; Mr FRICKER 9; Mr SPACKMAN 8; Mr BEAVEN 6. The tender of Mr BEAVEN was discussed at some length, and as it was found that in all probabilility some extra expense would be incurred, it was unanimously agreed, on the proposition of Messrs STAGG and WAITE, to accept the tender of Mr SPACKMAN. Mr REDMAN proposed a cordial vote of thanks to Mr G. FERRIS, for his gift of a site on which to erect the house for the bier. This was seconded by Mr BARRETT, and agreed to. Mr H. SPACKMAN wrote resigning his seat on the Council.

The Marlborough Times, February 25th 1899:
Milton, nr Pewsey
To let, from Lady-Day, Havering Cottage, with garden and orchard.
Rent 10. Address: Mrs PENNING, Ifield Park, Crawley.

The Marlborough Times, March 11th 1899:
Milton. Annual parish meeting.
This meeting was held on Monday evening for the purpose of electing parish councillors for the ensuing year. Ten nomination papers were handed in to the chairman (Mr J. LANE). Mr C. REDMAN was nominated twice; this reduced the candidates to the required number. After the statutory time had elapsed, the chairman declared Messrs BARRETT, H. FERRIS, POCOCK, REDMAN, SPACKMAN, C. STAGG, VAUGHAN, WAIT and WELLS to be duly elected members of the council for the coming year.

The Marlborough Times, March 18th 1899:
Fyfield. One mile from Pewsey.
Short notice of sale Monday next, March 20th 1899
Sale of live and dead farming stock, hay, furniture etc., which Mr MARK JEANS will sell by auction, being the property of Mr JAMES GILFORD, taken under distress for rent, and comprising 5 head of cattle, including 2 in-calf cows and 3 cows in full milk, 5 weanling calves, cart mare, in foal, and 2 sows, root pulper, chaff cutter, 2 waggons, cart etc. Quantity of straw, trussed hay, mangolds etc, and the household furniture. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock . Also, by permission, immediately after the above, will be offered on the premises, 3 worked cart horses and 6 down-calving heifers, the property of ALFRED GILFORD, who occupies part of Fyfield Farm, and two 1-horse Reeves ploughs.

The Marlborough Times, April 1st 1899:
Rural District Council: Drainage at Milton
The District Surveyor.....inspected the ditch which took the drainings from the north end of the village through gardens at the back of cottages the property of Miss PENRUDDOCKE. In addition to surface water from the roads and slop water from the houses, the liquid manures of three farm yards discharged into it. The nuisance......might be removed by cutting a ditch 200 yards in length, at the bottom of a meadow 40 yards south of the cottages. This would take off three angles in the present ditch and make a much better fall, and at the same time much improve the drainage of the meadow.....the alternative would be to lay down 100 yards of 15 inch or 12 inch glazed socket pipes at the back of the cottages....a letter was read from Col. E.B. MERRIMAN, agent to the Somerset Hospital Trustees, declining to allow the ditch to be constructed as suggested, and pointing out that the drainage came from the whole village, and not alone from Mr REDMAN'S farm....

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