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Articles from 1903

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Articles from 1903

The Marlborough Times, January 3rd 1903:
Concert at Milton ........ veteran clerk and sexton Mr CHARLES STAGG ascended the platform to sing the old world songs of "Uncle Ned" and "The Garden Gate.".......

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Day School
With his usual generosity, Mr C. REDMAN, Chairman of the School Board, presented each child with a large bun and a few apples on the occasion of closing the school on Friday December 19th for the Christmas holidays. On this date, also, Mr LANE, the master, completed 25 years service under the Board, he having opened the new Board School on January 7th 1878.

The Marlborough Times, January 10th 1903:
The new Vicar
The living of Milton, rendered vacant by the resignation of the Rev. C.F. SWEET has been accepted by the Rev. H.G.S. MATHEWS, Vicar of Hartshill. Mrs GALE is the patron.

The Marlborough Times, January 17th 1903:
An old and respected inhabitant passed away on Saturday last, in the person of Mr STEPHEN SPACKMAN, who for many years was the village carpenter, but had lived retired since 1888. In 1897 Mr and Mrs SPACKMAN went to live with their son, Mr H. SPACKMAN, Littleworth, at whose residence the death took place, on Saturday, after a brief illness. The deceased was born on January 6th 1818 , and had therefore celebrated his 85th birthday the previous Tuesday. He has left a widow one year younger than himself, and a wide circle of relations and friends to mourn their loss. The interment took place in the new churchyard, Milton, on Wednesday.

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Parish Council.
A quarterly meeting of the parish council was held on Monday. Present: Mr C. REDMAN (Chairman), Messrs FERRIS, LANE, WELLS, WAITE, VAUGHAN, and Mr T. ELLIS, clerk. Mr FERRIS moved that the clerk be requested to write to the district council to ask them to take over the road leading from Milton Street to the Severals, locally known as "The Paddock", as a district road. Mr FERRIS pointed out the utility of this road, and the great amount of traffic that passed over it. The parish council had taken steps to have the road put in thorough repair, and he (Mr FERRIS) was of opinion that the district council would take the road over if requested to do so. The resolution was unanimously carried, and a small committee was appointed to meet the district council if required. The water supply question was held over to a future meeting.

The Marlborough Times, January 31st 1903:
Rural District Council
An application was received from the Milton Parish Council for the district council to take over a road called the Paddock, leading from Milton Street to the Severals. The District Surveyor reported that the road was 170 yards in length, in very fair order, and capable of being kept in that condition with very little outlay. A committee consisting of Mr F.A. CAVE, Mr W. ETTWELL, and Mr T.B. DEADMAN was appointed to inspect the road and report.

The Marlborough Times, February 14th 1903:
The new vicar.
The Rev. H.G.S. MATHEWS, the newly-appointed vicar of this parish, officiated for the first time on Sunday last. There were full congregations at both the morning and evening services.

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Pewsey District Council
The Milton Parish Council wrote at the last meeting asking the Council to take over the road leading to the Severalls. A committee was then appointed to inspect the road, and they now reported that one portion, leading to Mr FERRIS’S residence, was in a good state of repair, but the further portion was rough and uneven. The committee considered that a good layer of stone was required on this portion of the road, and the members of the Parish Council, who met them there, agreed to have the necessary work put in hand at once. The matter was adjourned until the work thus contemplated had been completed and inspected.

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