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Articles from 1909 part 1

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Articles from 1909 (part 1)

The Marlborough Times, January 9th 1909:
The Road on Milton Hill.
[summary of article]
Mr H.H. DREW wrote complaining of the state of the road on Milton Hill, which he said was impassable and dangerous. He suggested that some members of the Council should drive over the road and they would see the reason for the complaint. Mr HAINES admitted that the road was very bad. The surveyor stated that it would require 200-300 loads of stone to put the road right. He also explained that 100 yards had been sanctioned by the Council but that there was a difficulty in getting the material there. It was decided that a small committee, consisting of Messrs A. NUTH, W. WROTH and J.S. HAINES should meet the surveyor on the spot to determine what should be done.

The Marlborough Times, January 16th 1909:
Church Sunday school treat.
On Tuesday January 5th the scholars attending the Sunday school had their annual tea and entertainment, a bountiful supply of good things being provided. After tea, the medals for regular attendance, and prizes for high marks gained during the year, were presented by Mrs COCKIN. The following children received medals for not being absent once during the year: EDITH RUTT, JOSEPH SPACKMAN, JACK BENHAM, MAY REYNOLDS, PERCY WAITE, DOROTHY LAY, DOROTHY WHITE and RUTH WAITE. This is the fourth year that RUTH WAITE had received a medal for regular attendance. DOROTHY WHITE and DOROTHY LAY had made regular attendance for three years, and MAY REYNOLDS and PERCY WAITE for two years in succession. A little entertainment followed and the happy youngsters were afterwards dismissed with a bun and a piece of cake each.

[same issue]
Children's entertainment in Milton Schoolroom Friday evening: [Summary]
Words of welcome by the Vicar ... pianoforte duet (Misses V. & D. FORD) ... infants performing 'Getting Nelly Doll asleep', 'Little Soldiers', and 'The Clock' ..... older boys 'The Fire Brigade', 'Whistle and Hoe' ... 8 girls sang 'Merry Little Maids' ... 'John Brown' (PERCY WAITE).
The second part: pianoforte duet (Misses F. & E. DAY) ... carols sung ...'Topsy Turvy' (by boys and girls standing on their heads) ... FLORENCE SMART and MILDRED SPACKMAN gave recitations ... 'Goodnight' was sung at the end.
Other items: 'When I was a girl you know' (Miss ADA SPACKMAN) ... 'The girt big Figgetty Pudding' (STEPHEN SPACKMAN) ... 'Deutscher Tanz Violin Solo' (Miss A. JEANS) ... Mr G. JEANS gave 3 selections on his powerful concert gramophone ... 'Mrs Jawkins' Husband' (Miss SPENCER and Mr W. SPENCER). [Total receipts 3 14s 6d]

The Marlborough Times, January 23rd 1909:
Bell ringers' supper at Milton.
A hearty send-off for Mr T.H.S. FERRIS.
It is a long while since a more enjoyable evening was spent than at the bell ringers' supper given in the schoolroom, Milton Lilbourne, on Monday evening last. Members and friends assembled in large numbers to do honour to the captain of the bell ringers, Mr T.H.S. FERRIS, to give him a hearty farewell greeting and to wish him God-speed in his new career. The company included the Vicar (Ven. Archdeacon COCKIN), Chairman Mr P.M. PUCKRIDGE, Vice-Chairman Mr MARK JEANS, Mr PINNIGER, Mr PEPLER, Mr WELAB, Mr FORD, Mr A. DEW, Mr C. REYNOLDS, Mr LANE, Mr MARSH, Mr H. PEARCE (Easton Royal) and Mr G.H. HEATH (Oare). The Pewsey friends included Mr F.J. KUNKLER, Mr BRYDEN, Mr F. HOWSE, Mr PHILIPS and others. Mr STAGG, Parish Clerk and Foreman of the bell ringers for 40 years, was also present. He is now totally blind. A letter was read from Mr BRADLEY (Pewsey), explanatory of absence and enclosing 5s as a donation to the fund. The supper, arranged by Mrs H. FERRIS, Miss FERRIS, Mrs HARRY FERRIS and Mrs FORD, was a splendid success and the joints and the vegetables were admirably cooked by Mr & Mrs C. REYNOLDS, who were heartily thanked ....

[same issue]
Parish Council quarterly meeting held on Monday last. The members present were Mr P.M. PUCKRIDGE, Chairman, Mr C. STAGG (Vice-Chairman), Messrs T.H.S. FERRIS, H.J. FORD, J. LANE, H. SPACKMAN, E. VAUGHAN, W.E. WELLS, W. WAITE, and T. ELLIS, Clerk ... Messrs VAUGHAN and WAITE reported that the stile on land in the occupation of Mr SOLOMON DAVIS was now in a satisfactory condition. Correspondence was read from the County land agent, respecting the allotments at Milton , and the Clerk was requested to inform the County land agent that the Parish Council had made all possible enquiries for land suitable for allotments without success. It was resolved that the matter stand over until July, when application is to be made again to the Trustees of the Somerset Hospital for suitable land. A letter was read from Mr T. TOWNSEND, asking the assistance of the Council to obtain an afternoon delivery of letters to Littleworth. The Council considered the second delivery a necessity, as Littleworth is the only part of the parish where a second delivery is not in operation, and they requested the Clerk to write to the Postmaster-General on the subject. Mr T.H.S. FERRIS tended his resignation as Parish Councillor and also as School Manager appointed by the Council. In accepting the resignation, the Chairman expressed the regret of the Council in losing Mr FERRIS as a member of the Council. It was decided to fill the vacancies in May.

The Marlborough Times, January 30th 1909:
Church Improvements.
The Trustees of the Kingston Church Restoration Fund have generously granted a further sum of 100 towards the improvements of the interior of the Parish Church . The improvements will take the form of new carved oak choir stalls, a new interior vestry made of panelled oak, with brass rod and curtains to be placed in the north-west corner of the north aisle by the removal of the two end seats, which will be replaced near the organ. A handsomely-carved oak screen will be placed around the organ, to perpetuate the memory of Mr B.C. SCAMMELL, and a suitable brass tablet will be placed on the screen to that effect. The plans and specifications have been approved, and the work will be commenced forthwith.

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