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Foul Deeds contents

Foul Deeds book

List of contents of Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Barking, Dagenham & Chadwell Heath:

Chapter 1 Martyrs burned at the stake; witches; Eastbury House and the Gunpowder Plot; a Barking fisherman sold into slavery; a visit from Dick Turpin and his gang; bodysnatchers

Chapter 2 Robbery at the Whalebones: highwaymen; terror at the Toll Gate in 1829; the poisoned watchdog, 1845

Chapter 3 Murder or suicide? The strange case of Mary Dunsdon, 1845

Chapter 4 Cornfield killing: the murder of PC George Clark, 1846

Chapter 5 The City gent and the tramp: Thomas Toller is murdered on the High Road, 1853

Chapter 6 Lost at sea: the drowning of the three Byford brothers, 1845; sixty Barking fishermen are lost in the Great Storm of 1863

Chapter 7 Neglected and abused: sad tales of fishing apprentices - the deaths of John Jones in 1827, Joseph Morgan in 1844 and Robert Hennekey in 1870

Chapter 8 Oh fatal, cursed jealousy: the murder of Amelia Blunt by Francis Wane, 1864

Chapter 9 Till Death us to part: Sarah Ann Bacon (1867) and Bertha West (1912), killed by their husbands

Chapter 10 For whom the bell tolls: Henry Hall is killed while bellringing in St Margaret's Church, Barking, in 1871; James Palmer is buried alive while digging a grave in Dagenham parish churchyard, 1878

Chapter 11 The sinking of the Princess Alice paddle steamer off Creekmouth in 1878, with the loss of around 700 passengers

Chapter 12 By their own hand: the suicides of John McAllister at Creekmouth, 1868; Arthur Duffield in 1887; and the attempted suicides of Arthur Hill & Emily Spooner in 1894

Chapter 13 The infant witness: 6 month-old Amy Elizabeth Bodger was left covered in blood when her mother Martha was murdered in 1887

Chapter 14 Death on New Year's Eve: the mysterious case of 5 year-old Mary Jane Voller, 1898

Chapter 15 The Barking boiler explosion, 1899: ten were killed, and much of Barking was left in ruins

Chapter 16 A toast to death: six men accidentally drank poison instead of wine on board a ship at Creekmouth in 1911, with fatal consequences

Chapter 17 The Ajax factory disaster of 1917, resulting in the deaths of 13 female munitions workers

Chapter 18 The Becontree murder: the mysterious case of Grace Newing, 1933. Her boyfriend claimed "She wished to die and I did her the favour"

Chapter 19 The Colditz Rat: Walter Purdy made propaganda broadcasts on behalf of the Nazis, then was planted in Colditz to betray escape plans

Chapter 20 The watchmaker's wallet: Percy Busby was murdered in his Barking home, 1947

Chapter 21 The Ilford Kid, 1956: drama outside the Ford factory in Dagenham when a man attempted a double murder then killed himself

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